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LDRLana Del Rey (musician)
LDRLaw of Diminishing Returns (economic theory)
LDRLand Disposal Restrictions
LDRLong Distance Relationship
LDRLebanon Daily Record (newspaper; Lebanon, MO)
LDRLouisiana Department of Revenue
LDRLight Dependent Resistor
LDRListener Driven Radio (software)
LDRLimit Data Rate
LDRLocal Distribution Radio
LDRLow Dynamic Range
LDRLightweight Data Replicator
LDRLutheran Disaster Response
LDRLead Development Rep (various companies)
LDRLonesome Day Records (Booneville, KY)
LDRLabor-Delivery-Recovery (room)
LDRLow Data Rate
LDRLoan-to-Deposit Ratio (banking)
LDRLand Development Regulation
LDRLinear Depolarization Ratio
LDRLimited Distribution Release (Microsoft)
LDRLarge Deployable Reflector
LDRLong Distance Runner
LDRLong Distance Release (fishing)
LDRLabor Distribution Reporting (US government)
LDRLine Driver/Receiver (Alcatel)
LDRLand Development Review (various locations)
LDRLucent Digital Radio (Warren, NJ)
LDRLight Detect Resistor
LDRLow Density Recruiting (US Army National Guard)
LDRLong Distance Riders (motorcycle certification group)
LDRLast Ditch Racing (Maine-based rally racing team)
LDRLegislative Draft Request (Texas)
LDRLiquid Droplet Radiator
LDRLet Down Ratio (plastics)
LDRLaser Designator Ranger
LDRLapdance Riders (motorcycle club)
LDRLogical Design Review
LDRLocal Dynamic Routing
LDRLow Definition Radio
LDRLoan-Default Rate (finance/banking)
LDRLabor Distribution Record
LDRLocal Distribution Radio (Sprint)
LDRLocal Dump and Restore
LDRLarge Diameter Roll (paper making)
LDRLethal Display Range (US DoD)
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The generally high literary tenor of this collection is maintained in other pieces too numerous to describe, including "Taormina," by Duncan Fallowell, "A Wedding in the Sky," by Michael Klein, "The Law of Diminishing Returns," by Dale Peck, and "On Going Back," by Brian Bouldrey.
Again, he keeps it short and sweet, mumbling something about the law of diminishing returns, and is off stage before ten.
While that certainly has been most evident in the post-depression twentieth century, it appears the law of diminishing returns has affected this facet of our lives.
But even if you're not among those who suffer agonizing caffeine headaches, your regular intake of the substance assures you will be subject to the cruel law of diminishing returns.
Bonds has 747 home runs, eight short of Henry Aaron's record of 755, and the law of diminishing returns has been wreaking havoc on the Giants slugger's pursuit of the all-time mark.
No marketing venture ever reaches the full limit of the market for its product because the law of diminishing returns prohibits the grossly disproportionate expenditures necessary to reach customers on the outside fringe of a product's market.
Monfasani studies a much later phase of the battle, which was, certainly by then, subject to the law of diminishing returns. Almost ninety years after Plethon wrote his De differentiis, Scutellius took this work as a stepping stone for developing the comparison between the two Greek philosophers.
Gluttony (overindulgence)--The Law of Diminishing Returns says, at some point, all things will lose their luster and not give you the kick in the pants they once did.
This is simply the flip side of the law of diminishing returns. Thus, adding capital raises the marginal product of labor and hence the return on labor, which is wage.
Big booths are impressive, but the law of diminishing returns will apply.
Its very thoroughness -even the textual variants in reprints of early reviews are catalogued, and the editor's long introduction duplicates much of the material included in other sections-generates inflation, and the law of diminishing returns sets in: the sheer length of the work, with its large pages and small print, will render its most valuable elements difficult of access to all but the most assiduous readers.
What more can their players prove this campaign before the law of diminishing returns kicks in?