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Producers can then bring the additional knowledge they have of the industry, and also generate leads from sources that know each other or have similar needs.
Lead contamination in cocoa and cocoa products: isotopic evidence of global contamination.
In other words, older residents of Baltimore--from all socioeconomic and racial groups--who were merely exposed to lead from paint, gasoline, and plumbing have at least as much lead in their bones as people in their 50s who once worked with the metal.
Alchemists found a successful formula to turn lead into gold.
These regulations limiting the use of lead in semiconductors and electronics equipment will have widespread impact on the global marketplace, requiring Lead(Pb)-Free assemblies by mid-2006 for products sold in Europe.
Department of Housing and Urban Development are the two major sources of funding for cleaning up lead hazards in Chicago and the suburbs.
In 1991, Centers for Disease Control and the Department of Health issued recommendations for preventing lead poisoning in children which included coordination between public agencies and pediatricians.
The traditional reasoning has been that if two bullets are chemically indistinguishable, they probably came from the same pot of molten lead at the smelter or were manufactured on the same day by the same company.
Palmer points out that lead identified as spent ammunition in the form of shotgun pellets and fragments of bullets have been recovered from the gastro-intestinal tracts of dead and sick condors.
In the last and longest section, Warren discusses pediatric and environmental lead poisoning.
The good news is that blood lead levels continue to decline in children," says Dr.
the effect lead's presence in the charge has on lead recovery;