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LNLincoln (postcode, United Kingdom)
LNLast Name
LNLight Novel
LNLine Number
LNLine to Neutral
LNLike New
LNLogarithm (Natural)
LNLotus Notes
LNLymph Node
LNLaguna Niguel (California city)
LNLightning Network
LNLiquid Nitrogen
LNLaan (Dutch: lane)
LNLocal National
LNLexisNexis (online legal research tool)
LNLicensed Nutritionist
LNLibyan Arab Airlines (IATA code)
LNLawrence North (High School)
LNLa Nina
LNLeague of Nations (predecessor to United Nations)
LNLearning Network (USACE)
LNLega Nord (Italian: Northern League, political party)
LNLithium Niobate
LNLead Nation (US DoD)
LNLocal Nation(s)
LNLanguage Neutral (Microsoft Windows programming)
LNLoad Number
LNLeslie Nielsen (actor)
LNLawful Neutral (gaming)
LNLeonard Nimoy (actor)
LNAdministrative Leave
LNLevel of Noise
LNLarry Niven (Author)
LNLink Utility
LNLegalman (USN Rating)
LNLocation and Navigation
LNLittle Nickel (newspaper, Washington)
LNLiga Nord (Northern League)
LNLolita Nation
LNLogarithm, Napierian
LNLocal Occupation (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
LNLotería Nacional Para La Asistencia Pública (México)
LNLogistics Need
LNJamahirya Libyan Arab Airlines (IATA airline code)
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Ambassador Vershbow highlighted the leadership role that Bulgaria already plays in the programme and commended each lead nation for their ongoing efforts.
The ceremony was attended by the Bulgarian Permanent Representative to NATO, Ambassador Ivan Naydenov, and by the representatives of Belgium, Norway, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom, the five other lead nations in the Trust Fund.
Multinational operations formed outside of an alliance are known as coalitions or coalitions of the willing and led by a lead nation or parallel command structure.
So when it comes to burden sharing and contributing to our shared security, you are really a lead nation and I thank you for that.
The Irish central bank has said that Germany will lead nations in the eurozone to stage an economic recovery.
A week before the G8 conference in Italy on 15 July, President Paul Kagame of Rwanda (pictured) told business leaders at a CBC African Business Forum in London: "It is time for us who lead nations, the multilateral institutions, and the academy to agree on a new protocol that can be constructed on mutual respect and common interests .
The ECSC became the even more powerful European Community (EC)--which, we observed, "was clearly designed to lead nations into a suicidal merger.
Perhaps there would be room in this sermon to thank God for those who are willing to guide and lead nations in service to the common good, to pray for wisdom and justice, and to remind us that no kingdoms or systems of governance are of God and that, ultimately, the power of God rules over all kingdoms and authorities.
argue that the science-based stockpile stewardship program, as now formulated, would have serious repercussions for nuclear nonproliferation and could lead nations like Russia and China to resist progress toward disarmament.
Lead nations also briefed participants on the status of the four key capability programmes: Air-to-Air Refuelling (AAR), cyber defence, GovSatCom, and RPAS.