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LEANLouisiana Environmental Action Network
LEANLean Education Academic Network
LEANLifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition
LEANLondon East Aids Network
LEANLease Enforcement Attorney Network
LEANLifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition (William Sears)
LEANLaw Enforcement Awareness Network
LEANLaw Enforcement Agency Network
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Nay, fellow," said the lean Brother harshly, for he saw that Little John made sport of them, "we want none of thy company, so get thee gone.
At these words a sound of laughing came from the bench, whereat the lean Brother's wrath boiled over, like water into the fire, with great fuss and noise.
But the fat Friar shook as with an ague, and the lean Friar bowed his head over his horse's neck.
Little John looked over his shoulder, for they had now passed each other, and he called back, "Big Jack, lean Jack and fat Jack-pudding.
When they had come to the crossroad and were well away from those they had left, the lean Friar drew rein suddenly.
We have no money, fellow," said the lean Friar harshly.
cried the lean Friar, fairly gnashing his teeth with rage.
Down slipped the fat Brother from off his horse on one side, and down slipped the lean Brother on the other.
Send some money straightway to these poor folk, lest the fat one waste away and grow as lean as the lean one, and the lean one waste away to nothing at all, ere they get to Lincoln Town; but send them only ten shillings apiece, lest they grow puffed up with pride, Any more than that that thou sendest, send to me.
So he went first to the lean Friar, and, thrusting his hand into the pouch, he drew forth a leathern bag and counted therefrom one hundred and ten pounds of golden money.
Change Agent Skills for Lean Implementation Leaders (2 days)
When Jim Womack, Dan Jones, and Dan Roos first published The Machine That Changed The World (Scribner, 1990), the book that is widely considered to have been the spark that ignited today's Lean movement, the word Lean didn't even appear on the cover.