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LBMLattice Boltzman Method (computational fluid dynamics)
LBMLean Body Mass (medical/health)
LBMLinear Bit Map
LBMLumber and Building Materials
LBMLake Biwa Museum (Japan)
LBMPounds Mass
LBMLearning by Making
LBMLiquid-Based Microbiology
LBMLattice Boltzmann Model
LBMLittle Brown Mushroom (mycologist slang)
LBMLaser Beam Machining
LBMLanguages in Biology and Medicine (International Symposium)
LBMLaurel Bank Machines Co. Ltd. (est. 1946)
LBMLoose Bowel Movement
LBMLow-Bit(s) Modulation
LBMLuis Boa Morte (football)
LBMLocal Bus Master
LBMLoad Buffer Memory (computing)
LBMLocation-Based Multicast
LBMLight Bearers Ministry (Jasper, OR)
LBMLocation-Based Media (mobile device media)
LBMLutheran Blind Mission
LBMLittle Brown Monkey
LBMLow Bandwidth Mode
LBMLandscape Body Machine (band; Vancouver, Canada)
LBMLes Bielles Meusiennes (French automobile club)
LBMLooking for Better Management
LBMLoad Balancing Matrix
LBMLattice Block Material
LBMLocal Board Member
LBMLocalized Battle Management
LBMLibra Mass (physical unit)
LBMLifestyle Brand Management (UK)
LBMLower Bound Method
LBMLabor, Burden, Material
LBMLong Burn Motor
LBMLAN-Based Modem
LBMLarge Ballistic Missile
LBMLand Based Modem
LBMPounds per meter
LBMLong Boring Meeting
LBMLoad-Bearing Member (construction)
LBMLinMin Bare Metal
LBMLossy Blass Matrix
LBMLattice-Based Modeling
LBMLongbow Missile
LBMLayer-Based Manufacturing (fabrication)
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For trans men, testosterone is key and will increase lean body mass and muscle strength, body and hair growth and a lowering of voice.
The study also reached secondary endpoints, indicating statistically significant increases in appendicular lean body mass and total lean body mass for all doses of VK5211 compared against placebo.
KEY WORDS: Anthropometry; Dynamometry; Harpendence Caliper; Handgrip Strength; Percentage of Body Fat; Percentage of Lean Body Mass
Leucine has been shown to help the body better utilize protein to make lean body mass," explains Jaffe.
This finding could have obvious implications in preventing heart disease and diabetes, but also may be important for older adults because higher lean body mass can contribute to a longer life with more independence, indicates nutritionist Martha Belury, who led the research.
Various correlations between ferritin, calcium hormones, lean body mass, and bone mineral density are shown in Tables 4, 5, and 6.
The distributions of whole-body fat mass and lean body mass were nonnormal based on large, positive skewness values.
This large observational study showed that higher lean body mass was associated with 29 percent lower mortality, and while higher fat mass also exhibited survival benefits, this advantage disappeared after adjustment for lean body mass, suggesting that non-fat tissue bears the primary role in conferring greater survival.
The mean age of the participants was 27, and they generally had a lean body mass (BMI mean was 24 kg/m2).
In older, largely postmenopausal women, a recent systematic review showed that exercise does indeed prevent weight gain, preserves lean body mass when combined with weight loss, and is a key determinant for the positive effects of weight loss later in life (Maturitas.
In fact, those who did resistance training only actually gained weight due to an increase in lean body mass.