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LEFTLaw Enforcement Retirement
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On their left flank, nearest to Bagration, marched a company commander, a fine round-faced man, with a stupid and happy expression- the same man who had rushed out of the wattle shed.
The staff had left the boards for the moment, leaving a scene half set.
She had not left the hotel more than ten minutes, before a little note in pencil was brought to Lady Montbarry by the housekeeper.
I have my locks to curl, and my robe to prepare for the evening; therefore I must be gone, or I shall be brown as a withered leaf in this warm light." So, gathering a tiny mushroom for a parasol, she flew away; Daisy soon followed, and Violet was left alone.
Following the impulse that urged him, he secured the Handbill in his pocketbook--snatched up the card which his patient had presented as her introduction--and instantly left the house.
Of all the treasures of enjoyment that you poured so freely into my heart, how much is left me that has purpose and value enough to be written on this page?
I promised, if you could not find leisure time to visit us to-day, to write and tell you all that happened after you left us.
(though I felt them not), and some on my face, which I immediately covered with my left hand.
"Tell my daughter," said Roger Malvin, "that, though yourself sore wounded, and weak, and weary, you led my tottering footsteps many a mile, and left me only at my earnest entreaty, because I would not have your blood upon my soul.
"Because, in all probability, some one of us will be left on the road."
On the fourth day the fever broke as suddenly as it had come, but it left D'Arnot a shadow of his former self, and very weak.
Thomson left the Admiralty, a little later, and took a taxi to Berkeley Square.