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The ECG abnormalities were Sinus tachycardia, VPC (1 pt), T-wave inversion in inferior leads (1 pt), LAHB with left axis deviation (1 pt).
Baseline electrocardiography revealed sinus rhythm and negative T waves in V3-V6 leads with left axis deviation (Figure 1).
A 12-lead electrocardiography revealed sinus rhythm with the left axis deviation of the P-wave and normal PR interval without PR segment.
Usually with RV apical pacing the morphology of the paced QRS complexes will have an atypical left bundle branch block (LBBB) pattern in V1-V3, with left axis deviation. This may be seen in dual-chamber pacemakers (DDD) when there is tracking of the atrial rhythm (e.g.
(8) Left axis deviation is seen with hypertrophy of the left ventricle, whereas right axis deviation is seen with enlargement of the right ventricle.
An electrocardiograph demonstrated left bundle branch block and left axis deviation. A chest radiograph revealed the abnormality shown by the arrow in Figure 1 which disappeared after two days of in-hospital treatment [Figure 2].
Table: Electrocardiographic abnormalities in pulmonary embolism Rhythm Sinus tachycardia Atrial premature complexes Atrial flutter Atrial fibrillation Right ventricular premature complexes Ventricular fibrillation Sinus bradycardia or asystole (rarely) P waves Rightward axis ([greater than or equal to] 75[degrees]) Tall (>2.5 mm) in leads II, III, or aVF QRS complex Right axis deviation or rightward axis shift Clockwise rotation Right ventricular conduction delay Right ventricular hypertrophy Pseudoinfarction Inferior Anterior Both Left axis deviation (rarely) ST segment Elevation inferiorly and/or anteriorly Depression T wave Inversion inferiorly Inversion anteriorly QT prolongation Modified from references 2 and 7
ECG revealed sinus rhythm and left ventricular hypertrophy with left axis deviation evident in lateral chest derivations.
HCM patients usually demonstrate a combination of T-wave inversion not including V1, III and aVR, ST-segment depression, left bundle branch block, left axis deviation, pathological Q-waves, left atrial enlargement and voltage criterion for left ventricular hypertrophy).
Main findings on ECG include deep and narrow Q waves in DI, aL and V4-V6, left ventricular hypertrophy and left axis deviation (5).
(years) Gender results 1 24 M Low QRS voltage 2 28 F Normal 3 31 F Left axis deviation 4 70 F Non-specific repolarization changes 5 28 M First-degree atrioventricular block; non-specific repolarization changes 6 17 F Non-specific repolarization changes; atrioventricular dissociation; left axis deviation 7 22 M Normal 8 19 M Normal 9 15 F Non-specific repolarization changes 10 24 F Normal 11 58 F Normal Post-treatment electrocardiogram results Case No.
Also distinguishing right and left axis deviation. More frightening yet was correctly identifying right and left bundle branch blocks or left anterior and posterior hemiblocks.