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LWLeft Wing
LWLightwave (NewTek)
LWLight Weight
LWLimewire (p2p software)
LWLuftwaffe (German: air force)
LWLong Wave (see LF)
LWLow Water
LWLimited Warranty
LWLeatherworking (game)
LWLetter Writer
LWLethal Weapon (movie)
LWLaser Warning (US Air Force)
LWLaunch Window (space flight)
LWLine Width
LWLand Warrior (Army)
LWLock Washer
LWLangwelle (radio band 30-300 KHz, German)
LWLutheran Worship
LWLast Wish
LWLandsteiner-Wiener (blood group)
LWLord Willing
LWLaser Weapon
LWLower West
LWLeave Word (trunks)
LWLylat Wars (game)
LWLiving Worlds
LWLeaky Wave
LWLeft Waist Gunner
LWUS East Coast to Southwest Pacific (routing designation;US Navy)
LWLoodswezen (Dutch)
LWLincoln Way High School
LWLiegewagen (German Couchette)
LWLAN War (gaming)
LWLouisville and Wadley Railway Company
LWLincoln-West High School (Ohio)
LWLAN/WAN Exchange
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During this inspection, he was assigned to look over the upper left wing surface area for any obvious defects.
Merthyr were first off the mark with a try by left wing Kriston Owen after a break by James Cottomiglio.
I am mindful of the fact that people on the left wing of politics do not always support freedom of speech and expression.
Francis Williams in his book Fifty Years March sums up what the left wing, or socialism, stands for: "The vision of the dignity and importance of ordinary men and women and of a true commonwealth in which all shall be neighbours, working together, each according to their ability, for the enrichment and happiness of all."
I have never seen so many left wing do-gooders congregated in such a small studio.
The left wing marked and mentioned the day on several occasions Thursday and several MPs offered flowers and chocolate candy to their female colleagues.
The airplane received structural damage to the left wing and airframe.
I'm playing centre midfield at The Hawthorns, so it's a bit different from left wing, but I'm enjoying it.''
TONY Gorman is suspended and it looks likely that Ian Rossiter will feature at left-full and Jon Minnock will play at left wing. James Gallagher has a groin injury so Gavin Cullen will keep goal.
As the last aircraft began to taxi, when the F-16 pilot throttled up his engine, fuel began gushing from the left wing fuel vent.
Standing by the small reservoir where the plane crashed on Thursday, General Rogelio Acevedo, head of the country's civil aviation institute, said a preliminary investigation indicated the top part of the left wing was ripped off in high winds.
Protectionism is promoted by the right wing of the political class, waste by the left wing, and inefficiency by both.