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LEGLegato (music: In A Smooth and Gliding Manner)
LEGLegget (Amtrak station code; Legget, CA)
LEGLeague of Extraordinary Gentlemen
LEGLegal Department (International Monetary Fund)
LEGLeast Developed Countries Expert Group (UN)
LEGLegionella Pneumophila
LEGLearning Environments Group
LEGLiquefied Ethylene Gas
LEGLinaro Enterprise Group (software development)
LEGLeggett & Platt, Inc. (stock symbol)
LEGLicensed Engineering Geologist (professional status; Washington)
LEGLukens Energy Group (various locations)
LEGLondon Electricity Group (London, UK)
LEGLibrary Education Group
LEGLogistical Expediting Group
LEGLegal Extension Group
LEGLiquefied Energy Gas (natural or petroleum)
LEGLocal Emergency Generator (engineering)
LEGLogistic Evaluation Group
LEGLate Error Gate
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References in classic literature ?
Captain Ahab kicked ye, didn't he?" "Yes, he did," says I --"right here it was." "Very good," says he --"he used his ivory leg, didn't he?" "Yes, he did," says I.
What place stop 'm that fella leg?" quoth Daughtry, pointing to the space which the member would have occupied had it not been absent.
Thus spake the wanderer who called himself Zarathustra's shadow; and before any one answered him, he had seized the harp of the old magician, crossed his legs, and looked calmly and sagely around him:--with his nostrils, however, he inhaled the air slowly and questioningly, like one who in new countries tasteth new foreign air.
So I went to a tinsmith and had him make me a new leg out of tin.
Toto was usually a well behaved dog, but this time he was angry and snapped at the man's leg again and again.
His legs were stiff and awkward, for there were no knee-joints in them; so that presently he bumped against Jack Pumpkinhead and sent that personage tumbling upon the moss that lined the roadside.
Only I could not become a guard because I was lame of one leg and Tiger-Face would not have me.
Before bedtime, I was fetched by the man with the wooden leg to appear before him.
The little lady was stretching out both her arms, for she was a Dancer, and was lifting up one leg so high in the air that the Tin-soldier couldn't find it anywhere, and thought that she, too, had only one leg.
For, the moment the spur touched him, his left hind leg had reached forward in a kick that struck the stirrup a smart blow.
Just as he was passing along the passage, the boy opened the door into the second horse-box on the left, and Vronsky caught a glimpse of a big chestnut horse with white legs. He knew that this was Gladiator, but, with the feeling of a man turning away from the sight of another man's open letter, he turned round and went into Frou-Frou's stall.
And there's Jim chained by one leg, with a ten-foot chain, to the leg of his bed: why, all you got to do is to lift up the bedstead and slip off the chain.