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LEPLimited English Proficiency
LEPLocal Enterprise Partnership (UK)
LEPLocal Employment Partnership
LEPLancashire Evening Post (newspaper; UK)
LEPLarge Electron Positron
LEPLook East Policy (various nations)
LEPLicensed Educational Psychologist
LEPLow End Processor
LEPLiquid Electro Photographic
LEPLow Error Profile
LEPLaw Enforcement Professional (various locations)
LEPLocal Education Partnership
LEPLekarski Egzamin Panstwowy (Polish: National Medical Exam)
LEPLight Emitting Polymer
LEPLife Extension Program
LEPLaser Eye Protection
LEPLeprecon (Artemis Fowl)
LEPLimited Enrollment Program (various schools)
LEPLeopold Education Project (St. Paul, MN)
LEPLeadership Excellence Program (various organizations)
LEPLower Elements Police (book, Artemis Fowl)
LEPLicensed Environmental Professional
LEPLanguage Enrichment Program
LEPLow English Proficiency
LEPLocal Ecumenical Partnership (UK)
LEPLife Enhancement Program (Canyon Ranch Institute; various locations)
LEPLycée d'Enseignement Professionnel (France)
LEPLimited Edition Print
LEPList of Effective Pages
LEPLow Energy Particle
LEPLateral Entry Program (various organizations)
LEPLower Elements Police (Artemis Fowl books)
LEPLaboratory for Extraterrestrial Physics
LEPLinear Error Probable
LEPLoaned Executive Program
LEPLow Egg Passage (vaccine production)
LEPLiving Environment Program (Australia)
LEPLow-Energy Photon
LEPLepontic (linguistics)
LEPLoss of Earning Power
LEPLaser-Evoked Potential
LEPLaboratory Evaluation Program
LEPLeppävirran (Finnish)
LEPLocally Employed Personnel
LEPLeisure Education Program
LEPLess English Proficient
LEPLibrary of Exact Philosophy
LEPLearning Enhancement Programme (various nations)
LEPLittle English Proficiency
LEPLarge Electronic Panel
LEPLowest Effective Power
LEPLaunch Escape Pod
LEPLocal Electron Pair
LEPLowest Evaluated Price
LEPLecturer/Practice Educator
LEPLaboratorie d'Electronique de Physique (France)
LEPLaw Enforcement Pistol (Colt)
LEPLambda Epsilon Pi (coed human rights fraternity)
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Serum Leptin is not altered nor related to cognitive decline in Alzheimer's disease.
Correlation analyses and multiple regression analyses were done to explore the potential factors that could influence serum levels of leptin and kisspeptin.
Chicago, IL, USA) The clinical data were expressed as mean [+ or -] standard deviation, including BMD, bone callus volume, serum leptin level values and demographic parameters.
Our objective was to assess leptin serum levels in a cohort of Romanian HIV-infected patients undergoing cART, in relation to their immune status, virological replication and lipid and glucose metabolic abnormalities.
Leptin hormone exerts its effect in the hypothalamic area of the central nervous system.
Keywords: BMI, Leptin, Obesity, Waist circumference.
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Transformed data was subjected to multivariate analysis of variance (M-ANOVA) for statistical evaluation of the association of serum APOE, leptin, CFH and HTRA1 levels with AMD.
Results: Thrombocyte aggregation was inhibited by recombinant leptin in peritoneal dialysis patients.
sup][14] This 16-kDa adipose tissue-derived molecule plays important roles in regulating lipid and glucose metabolism, [sup][15],[16],[17],[18],[19] and elevated plasma leptin concentrations have been suggested as an independent risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.