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LESTLarge Earth-based Solar Telescope
LESTLoisir, Environnement, Sport, Tourisme (French: Recreation, Environment, Sport, Tourism; various universities)
LESTLarge European Solar Telescope (Earth Survey)
LESTLaw Enforcement Support Team
LESTLotus Elise Swiss Trophy (motorsport championship)
LESTLow Energy Speech Transmission
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And everyone felt that Lest we Forget was the most appropriate title," said Dr Bambling.
I've worked for the Abu Dhabi film lest for seven years and I can clearly see that there is an improvement in the way they are making short films.
As Lest We Forget founder Blake Seward saw it, the changes would mean students and teachers would no longer have a program dedicated to helping them.
Judge of the Nations, spare us yet, Lest we forget--lest we forget
Oh yes, lest I forget: the answers to the questions: c), b).
Vatican II also cautioned theologians and preachers to neither exaggerate nor understate Mary's significance lest they mislead not only Roman Catholics but other Christians as well.
The current research, however, is the first to suggest that female barn swallows may be constantly assessing their mates' fitness and that males need to continuously advertise their prowess, lest they lose out to other suitors.
Sweden, lest we forget, is a welfare state where government subsidies have become a way of life.
When a machine is laid up, it usually costs the company $5,000 an hour in lest revenues.
And lest anyone think all he can do is the '50s--his big London credit is Peggy Sue Got Married--in November, his take on the '60s arrives in Jersey Boys, the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.
And, lest we forget, his war that began forty years ago makes Iraq look like a walkover: 58,000 Americans killed; thousands more addicted to drugs or poisoned by Agent Orange; more than a million Vietnamese and untold numbers of Cambodians and Laotians killed.
lest our queue of slurry letters turn to butter, lest our best art