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Will they level off or actually get better?" asks Sisodia.
based on a projected leveling of this market, the truck forecast, which had called for a downturn, could level off and match the peak in 1998.
The group estimates that this 3.4-percent annual growth rate will begin to level off in 1998, with per capita consumption reaching 25 pounds.
The curved rooflight functions as a kind of sundial for the visitor who, entering at the top level off of the entrance court, is propelled down the switchback ramp into the exhibition levels themselves.
Analysts say ad revenues may level off following a year in which CNN won kudos for its coverage of America's first war in 20 years and the crumbling of a superpower.
In fact, many developers have now seen apartment pricing level off or decline during the months it generally takes to construct a condo project, a period where developers risk whether their initial market projections eventually will translate into what condo buyers are actually willing to pay.