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LLow (transmissions)
L50 (Roman numeral)
LLinks (German: left)
LLimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
LLarge (size)
LLow Risk
LLimited (Catholic movie rating)
LLight (Infantry)
LLimited Distribution
LLaser (US military aircraft basic mission designation)
LLicense (Microsoft)
LLeipzig (auto license plate)
LCentral Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
LLegal Affairs
LLei (Law)
LLap (welded joint type)
LLire (Italian currency)
LLuxembourg (ISO Country Identifier)
LLoop (train transportation system)
LFederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
LLiverpool (postcode, United Kingdom)
LLatency (network communications)
LLockheed (as in L-1011)
LLibertarian (political party)
LLibra (Latin: Pound)
LLiberty Media Corporation (stock symbol)
LLeader Program
LCold Weather (US military aircraft modified mission symbol)
LPolymerase (virus protein identifier)
LLigand (chemistry)
LLogarithmic (complexity theory)
LLeucine (amino acid)
LLongacre (designer of Indian Head penny; mint mark)
LLinesman (high school football; similar to head linesman)
LLumbar Vertebra (prefix, as in L-1, L-2)
LLength of leg
LLevorotary (optical rotation)
LAzimuthal Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
L$100 Cigar
LLord or Baron (British title of nobility)
LLaser Research and Technology Division (LANL)
LUS DoT tire speed rating (75 mph)
LLength of side or any unspecified length
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Thus the reader encounters two chapters that explain the conservative and libertarian approaches to education, marriage, and immigration.
But, as the Free Staters (who, lefs face it, get the credit for this) point out, NH now has more sitting Libertarian state reps than the other 49 states combined.
Texas Libertarians fell far short of winning any races on Election Night, but the party of low taxes and little government did clinch the right to try again.
He ran as a Republican and then as a Libertarian during the 2012 election when he received 1.
It looked like the libertarian moment would never arrive.
2) That is true of the thin libertarian view of the matter.
In fact, Silver estimated that more than one-fifth of Americans hold the libertarian position on both gay marriage and income redistribution.
Root likewise invokes Hand, but libertarian judicial philosophy is not exactly a well-spring of moderation.
Reed has been a prolific writer of libertarian news and commentary at his Libertarian News Examiner and Dallas Libertarian Examiner online columns since 2008.
However, that trip to the Curragh yielded little joy as Libertarian was always struggling on a quicker surface, coming off the bridle early on and eventually beating just one horse home.
A: Learning to empathize better-to "assume a virtue if you have it not, for use almost can change the stamp of nature"--might be strategically an effective way to be able to talk to people who are not dispositionally libertarian and get them to actually be involved in libertarian projects.
Brennan's book joins a number of other recent introductions to libertarianism, including Jacob Huebert's Libertarianism Today (New York: Praeger, 2010) and Gerard Casey's Libertarian Anarchy (London: Continuum International, 2012).
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