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LIENLow-Income Energy Network (Canada)
LIENLigue Internationale pour l'Éducation Nouvelle (French: International League for New Education; est. 1921)
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The following tax lien information is recorded in Chelan and Douglas counties:
Below is a summary of an oral agreement in principle which the First Lien Bank Lenders believe that they had reached with the Company, as well as a summary of certain forward-looking financial information provided by the Company to the First Lien Bank Lenders.
When there is a match, the servicer of the second lien is notified of the first-lien modification status and is provided with the information necessary to offer a modification of the subordinate lien.
If the CM agrees with the taxpayer's position or request to release a lien, for example, the process stops there.
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The lien on the property was recorded in April 1995, the lawsuit said.
Unlike McDermott who had a small lien, many homeowners who are delinquent on municipal taxes have also fallen behind on other payments, such as credit cards, and amassed a sizable amount of debt," Viscariello said.
With the end of Radical Reconstruction, and the evaporation of the meager protection of the laborers' lien for wages it afforded the freedmen, "landowners moved quickly to strengthen their position"(p.
Tax lien securitization is accomplished through the creation of a trust which purchases outstanding liens of one or more jurisdictions.
At that time the IRS had not yet filed notice of its lien and Williams was unaware of it.
Rather, regulations under section 461(h)(2)(D) could properly provide that economic performance occurs at the time the tax lien attaches or the tax is assessed.
SAN DIEGO -- Visionet Systems has reported that its lien release, reconveyance and mortgage recording platform, VisiRelease (the lien release and recording platform of choice at four of the top ten loan servicers along with three outsourcing service providers), processed 12 percent of all lien releases in 2006.