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LLow (transmissions)
L50 (Roman numeral)
LLinks (German: left)
LLimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
LLarge (size)
LLow Risk
LLimited (Catholic movie rating)
LLight (Infantry)
LLimited Distribution
LLaser (US military aircraft basic mission designation)
LLicense (Microsoft)
LLeipzig (auto license plate)
LCentral Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
LLegal Affairs
LLei (Law)
LLap (welded joint type)
LLire (Italian currency)
LLuxembourg (ISO Country Identifier)
LLoop (train transportation system)
LFederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
LLiverpool (postcode, United Kingdom)
LLatency (network communications)
LLockheed (as in L-1011)
LLibertarian (political party)
LLibra (Latin: Pound)
LLiberty Media Corporation (stock symbol)
LLeader Program
LCold Weather (US military aircraft modified mission symbol)
LPolymerase (virus protein identifier)
LLigand (chemistry)
LLogarithmic (complexity theory)
LLeucine (amino acid)
LLongacre (designer of Indian Head penny; mint mark)
LLinesman (high school football; similar to head linesman)
LLumbar Vertebra (prefix, as in L-1, L-2)
LLength of leg
LLevorotary (optical rotation)
LAzimuthal Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
L$100 Cigar
LLord or Baron (British title of nobility)
LLaser Research and Technology Division (LANL)
LUS DoT tire speed rating (75 mph)
LLength of side or any unspecified length
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Ligand also announced that ONZAR has been granted orphan drug designation by the European Commission.
This news release contains forward-looking statements by Ligand that involve risks and uncertainties and reflect Ligand's judgment as of the date of this release.
When these Fas molecules encounter a Fas ligand on another lymphocyte, it triggers a process called apoptosis, which leads the Fas-carrying lymphocytes to commit suicide.
LGD 4665 was selected from a group of novel oral TPO mimetics synthesized at Ligand, for which Ligand has retained exclusive worldwide rights.
Outlook: Potential effects of computational ligand design and tools on drug discovery, pharmaceutical R&D and prospects for the software providers.
The asset purchase agreement and related contracts have been approved by the Ligand board of directors.
The Rights are designed to assure that all Ligand stockholders receive fair and equal treatment in the event of any proposed takeover of Ligand and to guard against partial tender offers, open market accumulations and other potentially abusive tactics to gain control of Ligand, while not foreclosing a fair acquisition bid for Ligand.
Under the terms of the asset purchase agreement King will make a $265 million payment to Ligand to acquire all rights to AVINZA in the United States, its territories and Canada.
The sale of our commercial businesses will create a refocused Ligand built upon our targeted internal research and development effort and broad partnered product pipelines," said Henry F.
The settlements, which are subject to court approval, resolve all claims by the parties, including those asserted against Ligand and the individual defendants in these cases.
Under the terms of the agreement between Ligand and Wyeth, Ligand is entitled to receive additional milestones upon submission of an NDA equivalent in a major market country ex-U.
Robinson, Ligand Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer.
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