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LILTLow Intensity Laser Therapy (soft tissue injury treatment)
LILTLow Intensity, Low Temperature
LILTLaboratory for Interactive Learning Technologies (University of Hawaii)
LILTLaboratory for Integrated Learning and Technology (Illinois State University)
LILTLibrary Information Literacy Tutorial (various organizations)
LILTLive Infusion of Local Talent (Colorado Women's Music Festival)
LILTLigated Intestinal Loop Test
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Beginners & novice Lilt 11 years: 1st Lola White; 2nd Lily Clark.
The second method of laser application is termed low intensity laser therapy (LILT) and is also widely known as low level laser therapy.
His thesis that "government lawyers want to enhance their own power and prestige" is valid but is unfortunately buried at lilt end of the article.
Traditional Scottish runes like the Skeye Boat Song, Ye Banks and Braes and the Eriskay Love Lilt will accompany words by modern Scottish writers as well as by Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet.
"I'm Elizabeth, also known as Mona Lisa," she says with a sultry Italian lilt when telling mobile phone users they have a call coming in.
lilt did increase, but the time of delays fluctuates."
The center will undergo a face lilt, and leasing efforts are underway to bring the property to a 100% occupancy.
My eyes have seen Mary's faithful despair, The Song of Songs and its erotic lilt, The pity and the pain of Hosea's prayer, The palace that a mighty love has built.
-that dreamy feathery lilt to the horizon means this frail ship won't sink nor will your bones be picked clean by the shrieking sea birds in your wake that eat when they eat and sleep when they sleep.
The Donegal lilt was the only one to receive more up-votes than down-votes as 4,000 people clearly agreed with the site's description of the North West patter.
Contents: Volume 1: To begin with ..., Hornpipe, Gracefully, Ghostly March; Volume 2: Beguine, Just for Fun, The Spook Spoke, Barbershop/Dixie; Volume 3: Charleston, Struttin', Wistful Ballad, With Abandon; Volume 4: Something Old, Something in Two, Something Borrowed, Something Blue; Volume 5: Rinky-dink March, Jaunty, Swing Waltz, Pushy; Volume 6: Calm and "Cool", Happy, With a Lilt, Light and Latin; Volume 7: Takin' It Easy, Strollin' A Bit Boisterous, Brightly; Volume 8: Overdone Tango, Lazy Blues, Sassy, Movin' Along.