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LiMBOLate Model Bus Organization, International (post-1968 Volkswagen club)
LIMBOLoss in Multiple Birth Outreach (bereavement support)
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Limbo ir keitiklio paklaidu kreivese vyrauja zemojo daznio harmonikos.
Coun Robbie Marshall, cabinet member for regeneration and infrastructure, said: "While it is positive that Government is not rushing into this massive investment it has left some people feeling in limbo - they have plenty they would like to say, but no proper mechanism for this.
In a separate concurring opinion, Justice Barbara Pariente, joined by Justices Charles Canady, Jorge Labarga, and James Perry, wrote, "The commission's recommendations and this court's adoption of these amendments are based on the recognition that for every day of delay on appeal, which is added to the length of the prior ongoing court proceedings, the future of the child is in limbo to his or her potential detriment.
That doesn't mean there aren't questions and disagreements about doctrine, which brings us back to limbo.
Catholic theologians long taught that babies who died without the benefit of baptism would reside in limbo permanently on account of original sin.
In other words, Egoyan has again taken us to the limbo between feeling and expression, where actions are as much a cover for what is felt than an expression of it.
Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ) has been involved in Canadian policy related to refugees in limbo for a number of years.
Reading the story about a strange old hermit that lived at the base of the canyon; diamonds long lost; a life cut short and a life lived in limbo left me wanting to know more and see more of these characters.
FORMER Orrell coach Ross Reynolds, the Australian who took their team to second place in the first division last season, has been left in limbo by Rotherham, who recently engaged him as their new manager but now seem on the verge of closure.
Now he's read that stars like Madonna and Celine Dion have got a craze for limbo dancing, he's pestering me to take it up.
com / newsbreaks), "Orders for subscriptions and payments made by libraries to RoweCom this fall were simply not passed along to the publishers, leaving both libraries and publishers in financial limbo and considerable chaos.
Despite the increasingly varied distractions of shopping, eating and drinking, airports have become modern versions of limbo where travellers exist in a kind of suspended animation in order to get from one place to the next.