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LOBLarge Object(s)
LOBLine Of Business
LOBLeft On Base (baseball)
LOBLegion of Boom (Seattle Seahawks)
LOBLibrary of Birmingham (Birmingham, England, UK)
LOBLegend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
LOBLine of Balance
LOBLarge Object
LOBLinked Object
LOBLoaf of Bread
LOBLateral Organ Boundary (genes)
LOBLand of Bears (anime)
LOBLine-Of-Balance (project management)
LOBLaboratory of Biomedical Optics (Switzerland)
LOBLots of Blood (band)
LOBLoss of Balance
LOBLimit Order Book (finance)
LOBLoad of Bollocks
LOBLive on Board
LOBLordz of Brooklyn (band)
LOBLimit of Blank
LOBLow-Order Byte
LOBLazy Old Bastard
LOBLaunch Operations Building
LOBLost on Board (travel)
LOBLimitation of Benefit (insurance)
LOBLow-Order Bit
LOBLease Office Building (United Arab Emirates)
LOBLost on Base (military slang)
LOBLocally Optimum Bayes (parametric theory)
LOBLimited Operating Base
LOBLondon over the Border (Girl Guides Association geographic area)
LOBLoss Of Bargain
LOBLeft Out Board (locations of aircraft underwing pylons)
LOBLine Of Bearing/Balance
LOBLand Order of Battle
LOBLocal Option Budgeting
LOBLoss Of Break
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As a result, some line of business leaders implemented collaboration software.
A business line will be considered an eligible Line of business if two conditions are satisfied on the most recent annual statement filed before the beginning of the determination year.
They further add that by providing seamless integration with existing content repositories, organizations also have the ability to perform federated search and place holds on content across their existing line of business and document management repositories.
I chose this line of business because of my experience and skills gained over the years as a personal assistant and human resources administrator.
Myers and Read (2001) also propose a basis for allocation of capital in insurance companies based on the marginal contribution to the option-based default value for each line of business. This marginal concept and the determination of capital differs from the approach of Merton and Perold (1993).
LEGAL COMMENTARY: Thus an employer may obtain from an employee an agreement or covenant which protects an employer's reasonable competitive business interests and expressly prohibits an employe from engaging in employment or a line of business. To be enforceable under Michigan law, a non-competition agreement must be tailored so that the scope of the agreement, considering duration, geographical area and type of employment or line of business restricted, is no greater that reasonably necessary to protect the employer's reasonable business interests.
The line-of-business approach says that the best way for an organization to see if economies can truly be achieved is by first implementing systems across a full line of business, typically a smaller one.
* The supplier is an established provider of the same services as the new line of business--in other words, without this arrangement, the supplier would be a direct competitor of the new line of business.
* The supplier is an established provider of the same services as the new line of business--that is, without this arrangement, the supplier would be a direct competitor of the new line of business.
The real benefit of the FINEOS 4.0 product suite is that it enables clients to avail of specific front and back office functionality specifically designed and tailored for their line of business. And because each solution is developed with a product focus, it provides clients with a lower cost of ownership as well as significant strategic benefit for ongoing solution evolution.
Ultimately, this enterprise change management will have an impact on virtually every department and line of business within an organization, including HR, operations, product research and development, sales and marketing, and so forth.
* CERTAIN DEVELOPMENTS IN A COMPANY'S LIFE CYCLE can trigger the need for a subsidiary, such as the launch of a new venture with different risk characteristics than the company's existing line of business or the opening of operations in a new state or foreign country.