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LOQLimit of Quantitation
LOQLimit Of Quantification
LOQList Of Questions
LOQLevel of Quantification
LOQLow Quality (project evaluation)
LOQLoquitur (Latin: speaks)
LOQLine of Questioning
LOQLaugh Out Quiet
LOQLeadership Opinion Questionaire
LOQLead-Off Question (discussion technique)
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Manama Doctors in Qatar have been told to report suspected cases of domestic child abuse after they confirm them using a specific line of questioning.
By revoicing the answers and moving on with the line of questioning, Ms.
His thorough research and in-depth line of questioning quickly earned him and his show, "City Lights" a good reputation among the Hollywood A-list.
Whether an interviewer is a consultant or is from your firm, researchers need to have business experience broad enough to enable them to recognize important insights when they hear them, and they must be able to graciously yet persistently pursue a line of questioning to its conclusion.
Yet, the line of questioning seemed odd from the get-go: Who else lives with her?
A really clever attorney will present questions out of sequence to prevent you from noticing where he's going with his line of questioning.
Following this line of questioning, we can begin to locate some of the resistance to Newman's work in precisely that conjunction between source and work, title and painting that, as Bois shows, is so important.
This line of questioning finally must encounter such issues as preference, taste, and appearance.
After hearing and observing Mike's responses, users can plan a line of questioning to help them judge these verbal and nonverbal clues as truthful or deceptive.
Wall was also asked about his line of questioning in an
One line of questioning, pursued most aggressively by Justice Stephen Breyer, probed whether it was really necessary for a provider to violate the law before challenging the regulations.
At the antitrust trial in Washington, Microsoft Corp attorney John Warden yesterday pursued a line of questioning about last year's deal between America Online Inc, Netscape Communications Corp and Sun Microsystems Inc that drew little new insight from unruffled AOL witness Steve Colburn and, once again, irked Judge Jackson.