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LLow (transmissions)
L50 (Roman numeral)
LLinks (German: left)
LLimited Time (broadcasting operating schedules)
LLarge (size)
LLow Risk
LLimited (Catholic movie rating)
LLight (Infantry)
LLimited Distribution
LLaser (US military aircraft basic mission designation)
LLicense (Microsoft)
LLeipzig (auto license plate)
LCentral Ontario (postal code designation, Canada)
LLegal Affairs
LLei (Law)
LLap (welded joint type)
LLire (Italian currency)
LLuxembourg (ISO Country Identifier)
LLoop (train transportation system)
LFederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
LLiverpool (postcode, United Kingdom)
LLatency (network communications)
LLockheed (as in L-1011)
LLibertarian (political party)
LLibra (Latin: Pound)
LLiberty Media Corporation (stock symbol)
LLeader Program
LCold Weather (US military aircraft modified mission symbol)
LPolymerase (virus protein identifier)
LLigand (chemistry)
LLogarithmic (complexity theory)
LLeucine (amino acid)
LLongacre (designer of Indian Head penny; mint mark)
LLinesman (high school football; similar to head linesman)
LLumbar Vertebra (prefix, as in L-1, L-2)
LLength of leg
LLevorotary (optical rotation)
LAzimuthal Quantum Number (used in formulae in quantum physics)
L$100 Cigar
LLord or Baron (British title of nobility)
LLaser Research and Technology Division (LANL)
LUS DoT tire speed rating (75 mph)
LLength of side or any unspecified length
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Although the German made no contact with the ball, the linesman decided that he had 'interfered with play' - which is grounds to chalk off a goal.
Dan McGuire commented: "Whoever just threw that flare at the linesman in the Villa v Spurs match should be ashamed of themselves.
BACKED INTO A CORNER Draper protests to linesman over disallowed goal
Our linesman Richard died at 17:30 in front of his family.
Martinez faces a charge from the Football Association, as he branded the linesman as 'disgusting'.
Now this linesman carried on and on and on and would not have stopped if Joey Barton had got the ball, gone past a few players and whacked it in the far post.
Wycombe boss Gary Waddock admitted he did not know whether the ball was over, but claimed the linesman had a perfect view.
It seemed that Zaki insulted the linesman who in return complained to the referee, and the latter didn't hesitate to send off the 26-year-old.
The ref had what appeared to be a clear view of the 'handball' and the linesman had a clear view of the blatant 'push' on Theo Robinson, why no decision?
A man has been charged In connection with an Incident In which a linesman was hit on the head with a 50p piece thrown from the crowd at Villa Park.
It was a very ugly decision by the linesman, but we all make mistakes, us players too, and I think the linesman made one here," said Pernia.
ARSENAL boss Arsene Wenger last night applauded a linesman he once branded "a liar" and thanked him for keeping the Gunners at the top of the Premier League.