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LINKSLifestyle Insights, Networking, Knowledge and Skills (Marine Corps Community Services)
LINKSLonely Instruments for Needy Kids (various locations)
LINKSLivestock Information Network and Knowledge System
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Although no graduated links of structure, fitted for gliding through the air, now connect the Galeopithecus with the other Lemuridae, yet I can see no difficulty in supposing that such links formerly existed, and that each had been formed by the same steps as in the case of the less perfectly gliding squirrels; and that each grade of structure had been useful to its possessor.
Margaret had arrived at Cape Pleasant on the previous evening, and he had arranged by telephone to meet her at the end of the board-walk, which was about a mile from the links, at one o'clock, supply her with lunch, and spend the afternoon with her on the water.
Everyone who has seen Archibald Mealing play golf knows that his teeing off is one of the most impressive sights ever witnessed on the links.
No such long ball had been driven on the Cape Pleasant links since their foundation.
Fisher did not see his friend until a fortnight later, when he found himself in the garden at the back of the clubhouse on the opposite side from the links, a garden heavily colored and scented with sweet semitropical plants in the glow of a desert sunset.
They must have gone for a stroll on the links," he said.
Dawn had begun to break abrupt and white when Cuthbert Grayne turned out the lights in the library and came out on to the links.
These links, he fancied, made him odious to the rest of mankind.
He approached her silently, his hatchet stuck in his iron belt, a thick cudgel in his hand; there were leaves and bits of twig in his tangled hair, in his matted beard; bunches of rags he had wound round the links fluttered from his waist.
Until I have found that last link in my chain, I must remain behind the scenes.
That I can build card houses seven stories high, but I cannot"--thump--"find"--thump--"that last link of which I spoke to you.
Ferguson, who, by his incredible attempt, was to link together the achievements of all these explorers, and complete the series of African discovery.