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LALos Angeles
LALouisiana (US postal abbreviation)
LALove Always
LALatin America
LALibrary Association (UK)
LALiving Area
LALocation Area
LALanguage Arts
LALimited Availability
LALeft Arm
LALancaster (UK post codes)
LALarge Animal
LALocal Authority
LALouis Armstrong (singer)
LALance Armstrong (cyclist)
LAListing Agent
LALoan Amount
LALegislative Assembly
LALicense Application
LALoan Agreement
LALiberal Arts
LALandscape Architect
LALate Arrival
LALimited Area (security)
LALucas Arts
LALao People's Democratic Republic
LALos Alamos (publication)
LALead Acid (batteries)
LALower Alabama
LALibrary Assistant
LAAnnual Leave
LALeft Atrium (heart chamber)
LALow Alcohol (beer)
LALawrence Academy (Massachusetts, USA)
LALadies Auxiliary (VFW)
LALost Abbey (San Marcos, CA brewery)
LALow Altitude
LALegislative Affairs
LALink's Awakening (video game)
LALegislative Assistant
LALinear Actuator (motors)
LALoad Allocation
LALinoleic Acid
LALauantai (Finnish: Saturday)
LALinear Analysis
LALocal Application
LALethbridge, Alberta (Canada)
LALog Analyzer (software)
LALightening Arrester (electricity)
LALaunch Approval (US NASA)
LALactobacillus Acidophilus
LALead Auditor
LALaunch Area (space centers; various locations)
LALavochkin (Soviet aircraft designer)
LALogistics Analyst
LALost Animal
LALife Assured (insurance)
LALead Agent
LALittle Athletics (QLAA)
LALymphoma Association (UK)
LALoad Address (IBM)
LALenkungsausschuss (German: steering committee)
LALinea Aerea Nacional (Lan-Chile, IATA airline code)
LALeptomeningeal Angioma (Sturge Weber syndrome)
LALewiston/Auburn, Maine
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LALightning Attack (gaming)
LALateral Area (geometry)
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LALearning Aptitude
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LALeap Attack (Diablo II game)
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LALaboratorios América (Correction! Guatemala Central America)
LALlama Alliance (gaming clan)
LALocator Arm
LALupic Anticoagulant
LALetter of Activation
LALow Angle Detachment Zone
LALaboratorios América SA (Spanish, Colombia)
LALicensie d'Arts
LALinear Adaline Algorithm
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According to the obtained research results (Table 2-3), the linoleic acid content of LO hybrids was 44.
Dietary sources of conjugated dienoic isomers of linoleic acid, a newly recognized class of anticarcinogens.
When linoleic acid is made solid (hydrogenated) for processed foods, it is more likely to convert to trans fat than its oleic cousin.
Linoleic acid is abundantly present in plant seeds and in the oils they produce, such as corn, safflower, cotton, soybean and sunflower oil.
Inhibition of benzo(a) pyrene-induced mouse forestomach neoplasia by conjugated dienoic derivatives of linoleic acid.
In a much-cited study published in 2013, however, Ramsden, Zamora and colleagues were able to recover unpublished data from a smaller trial, the Sydney Diet Heart Study, and there they also found more cases of heart disease and death among patients who received a linoleic acid intervention (safflower oil), compared to controls.
Kinetics of the cis- trans isomerisation of linoleic acid in the deodorization and/or physical refining of edible fats, Eur.
It has also been shown that activation of MMP2 and MMP9 is involved in various myopathic and inflammatory-induced changes in skeletal muscle,5,6 and intake of natural antioxidants7 such as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) provides an extra measure of protection that slows the process of musculoskeletal depletion.
By contrast, the most common omega-6 PUFA is linoleic acid (arachidonic acid is the other).
The present work aimed to investigate the effect of adding flaxseed or sunflower oils to growing sheep diets on conjugated linoleic acid content in meat.
Because we now consume a thousand times more soybean oil than we did a few decades ago, this means we're getting a much higher amount of linoleic acid.
Quality parameters including oil contents, oleic and linoleic acid could be used as selection criteria in Raya for the development of canola type varieties.