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LISTEDLibrary Integrated System for Telematics-based Education
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In an effort to form boards of directors that are strong and are characterised by their integrity, the FRA decided that any person that assumes a membership on the board of a listed company should not, within the five years preceding his/her appointment, have been found guilty of any financial or criminal crime.
Homes listed on Thursday sell the fastest, with the typical Thursday-listed home going under contract 5 days faster than homes listed on Sunday.
To the extent a service is listed in this procedure, compliance burdens will be significantly reduced.
"Intuitively, you wouldn't think something you've listed as injurious and invasive is something you would turn around and list as endangered," says Robert Gabel, chief of the division of scientific authority at the U.S.
While it is unlikely that OFAC would allow a premium refund or policy loan payment to be made to a listed person, it is possible that OFAC would allow payments to innocent third parties.
Also, the AJCA extended the statute of limitations (SOL) on assessment for undisclosed listed transactions, until the taxpayer provides the required information to the IRS or responds to a list-maintenance request.
Most of the colleges listed are less well known than Amherst (Truman State University?
The state must be listed as the sponsor on the sponsor line of the regular ADAA application and the former member's ID number must be listed on the application too.
Organizations that file the recertification from with TAPPI by July 1, 2003, are assured of being listed in the next edition of the full set of methods that will be published in February 2004.
Of the 151, only forty-six priests owned ten or more secular titles: twenty-five listed between ten and nineteen, thirteen from twenty to twenty-nine, three from thirty to thirty-nine, and five over fifty.
For returns filed after June 30, 2002, that include a "listed transaction," the IRS will request the tax accrual workpapers pertaining to that transaction.