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LiViDLinux Video and DVD
LiViDLanguage Identification and Voice Identification
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Upon my word, Watson, there is something very attractive about that livid face at the window, and I would not have missed the case for worlds."
The face which she turned towards us was of the strangest livid tint, and the features were absolutely devoid of any expression.
Also his livid lips are parted at last, as if he were breathless with running.
He did not speak or move, but the blotchy green of his countenance turned livid, and the froth froze upon his lips.
Yesterday, the Ireland U17 boss was still livid and said: "We're still bitterly disappointed with what happened.
"I'm livid. He came into the job in a no-win situation.
The Cabinet minister was "livid" and "physically ripped" the document in two, it said.
"The tweet also called upon the Bhutto family, including Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Assefa Bhutto and Bakhtawar to take notice of the incident.In the video, a livid Dr Mangi beside his injured brother protested the assault.
Blackwell wrote a letter that ended with the comment: "Let's have less of the livid luvvie protests - not everyone locally thinks the same on all these issues."
She said: "Ladies and gentlemen, I'm absolutely livid as I had a bet with my grandson...
"She had performed on the show so everyone is livid.
"Louis was livid, as a decision was made and it wasn't up for discussion," the source stated.