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Upon my word, Watson, there is something very attractive about that livid face at the window, and I would not have missed the case for worlds.
The face which she turned towards us was of the strangest livid tint, and the features were absolutely devoid of any expression.
Also his livid lips are parted at last, as if he were breathless with running.
In the video, a livid Dr Mangi beside his injured brother protested the assault.
A source told Hollywood-Life: "Taylor is livid and horrified.
She had performed on the show so everyone is livid.
Louis was livid, as a decision was made and it wasn't up for discussion," the source stated.
Our source added: "When Blake called Amy a crack whore she was livid.
Or Police Officer Jake who is livid that this worm hit Jolie, the woman he still loves and regrets he let down?
Iain Dowie is absolutely livid, and a livid Iain Dowie is an ugly sight indeed, believe you me.
I had been growing increasingly angry by the recent Fox series Playing It Straight, but after reading Richard Andreoli's fluff treatment of the show ["Girl Meets Boys," April 13], I am livid.
The singer is livid that Andre's rereleased Mysterious Girl topped the charts last week rather than her single,Thank You.