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it was two or three weeks old, dated from some road in Surbiton, and refused a loan of five pounds.
'The amiable and wealthy Lord offers a third loan; but the scrupulous Countess positively refuses to take it.
He had only to make the date at which the loan expired coincide with the date of his marriage, and there was his father-in-law's money at his disposal, or at his wife's disposal--which meant the same thing.
The Indian had thereupon asked to be informed of the best and safest person to apply to for the loan he wanted.
'How vast the total sum appears Of all the kindnesses I've done, From Childhood's half-forgotten years Down to that Loan of April One!
And yet--and here is the point, the custom, and the code--in the days of my prosperity, after the lapse of years, I have gone out of my way by many a long block to spend across Johnny Heinhold's bar deferred interest on the various loans. Not that Johnny Heinhold asked me to do it, or expected me to do it.
At all events, people keep praising it very much, and I have begged the loan of it for myself.
Up to that time I never had had in my possession so much money as one hundred dollars at a time, and the loan which I had asked General Marshall for seemed a tremendously large sum to me.
"Hut, David!" said Alan, "ye wouldnae grudge me a loan?"
And you are too good a businessman to loan money for buried treasure seeking, or to loan money without security--unless you had some special object in view.
Gandinot, kindest of pawnbrokers, had obliged, in his unofficial capacity, with a trifling loan.
Pierre received him unwillingly at first, but got used to him after a while, sometimes even accompanied him on his carousals, and gave him money under the guise of loans.