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LOBLarge Object(s)
LOBLine Of Business
LOBLeft On Base (baseball)
LOBLegion of Boom (Seattle Seahawks)
LOBLibrary of Birmingham (Birmingham, England, UK)
LOBLegend of Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Yu-Gi-Oh cards)
LOBLarge Object
LOBLine of Balance
LOBLinked Object
LOBLoaf of Bread
LOBLateral Organ Boundary (genes)
LOBLand of Bears (anime)
LOBLine-Of-Balance (project management)
LOBLaboratory of Biomedical Optics (Switzerland)
LOBLots of Blood (band)
LOBLoss of Balance
LOBLimit Order Book (finance)
LOBLoad of Bollocks
LOBLive on Board
LOBLordz of Brooklyn (band)
LOBLimit of Blank
LOBLow-Order Byte
LOBLazy Old Bastard
LOBLaunch Operations Building
LOBLost on Board (travel)
LOBLimitation of Benefit (insurance)
LOBLow-Order Bit
LOBLost on Base (military slang)
LOBLease Office Building (United Arab Emirates)
LOBLocally Optimum Bayes (parametric theory)
LOBLimited Operating Base
LOBLondon over the Border (Girl Guides Association geographic area)
LOBLine Of Bearing/Balance
LOBLoss Of Bargain
LOBLeft Out Board (locations of aircraft underwing pylons)
LOBLand Order of Battle
LOBLocal Option Budgeting
LOBLoss Of Break
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With all the digitised data available, LoBs are now realising the value
Cathal McGloin, vice president, Mobile Platforms, Red Hat said, "The new mobile survey shows that there is a mutual understanding from both LOB and IT executives that mobile app development will take on more of a business-led approach in the near future.
On one hand, LoBs who use this have a better handle on the actual usage and can take the decision based on actual requirement; on the other, IT being out of decision making removes a powerful central influencer, which could mean the LoBs end up buying multiple technologies, making the integration complex.
A checklist of all of the information applicants are required to provide with a request for discretionary LOB relief is included in Section 3 of the Appendix of Rev.
Thus, the LOB Provision would deny treaty benefits to many subsidiaries where there does not appear to be a principled reason for the denial.
Oncelikle sol sleeve ust lobektomi yapilmasi dusunulen hastanin sol ana brons distali ve alt lob bronsu girisleri kesildi.
Table 8 revealed a relationship between LOB measurements of the subjects who started the balance transfer from the left foot and all parameters.
Temporal lob epilepsisi tanisiyla sag on temporal lobektomi ve amigdalohippokampektomi uygulanan hastaya cerrahiden bir hafta sonra psikiyatri konsultasyonu istenmistir.
Alexa Salvato, a former LOB member now on the GEB, says, "It's cool to have opinions from all over the world now
As for your wedges, I would suggest club golfers always have a pitching wedge (48 degrees of loft), a sand wedge (56 degrees) and a lob wedge (60 degrees) in their bag.
That had arrived on eight minutes thanks to a mix-up in the Martyrs defence, Moss taking advantage of some hesitation to lob goalkeeper Ashley Morris.