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LOBSLabeled Optical Burst Switching
LOBSLube Oil Base Stocks
LOBSLook Out Below Sailor
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Moody's Investors Service has assigned a Aa3 rating to the City of Monroe's (NC) $26.3 million Limited Obligation Bonds ("LOB"), Series 2016.
With all the digitised data available, LoBs are now realising the value
these projects are focused around LoBs fulfilling omni-channel ambitions to
A Dwi yng Nghaeredin ar hyn o bryd, yn actio mewn sioe o'r enw Follow Me gyda'r actor Elgan Rhys, sydd yn chwarae rhan Lobs ar Asra.
However, not many Los are authorized to purchase collaboration technology without IT's "knowledge and consent." About 24% of enterprises say LoBs can purchase and implement collaboration technology without IT's approval or involvement, says the report.
lobs didn't accomplish all that because he was rude; he did it in spite of his rudeness.
The former should strive for highly effective drop shots--because they can boomerang if they are not--and then quickly decide whether his riposte should be a passing shot or lob. The latter should try to anticipate well by studying his opponent's swing and racket face, scramble forward, and determine how best to counter the drop shot.
Important operations for this role are searching, archiving, and presentation of courses and LOBs.
Clearly, devolving IT into LOBs will not necessarily produce the desired results.
England will need the saviour, Jesus Christ in goal, to save it from the perfect lobs of foreigners.
Securities and Exchange Commission, has assigned the following ratings to the Orange County, NC bonds: --$64.4 million general obligation (GO) school bonds, series 2018 'AAA'; and --$7.6 million limited obligation bonds (LOBS), series 2018 'AA+'.
Still Murray had to save two break points, then conjure a couple of outrageous lobs to force a match point, before holding his own serve to seal it.