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L10NLocalization (L followed by 10 letters, followed by N)
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Growing Number of Breast Cancer Surgeries and Implementation of Favorable Reimbursement Guidelines for Localization Devices are the Major Factors Driving the Breast Lesion Localization Methods Market
Over the course of the past decade, there have been a large number of researches on localization for WSNs [2-8].
Besides, the preliminary test must be taken in a fixed localization environment.
8220;The course is carefully designed for students with a background in either localization, computing, language technology or translation,” Karl Kelly, LRC Manager, Department of Computer Science & Information Systems.
Localization Localization Detour Grosii OCOL GROSII TIBLESULUI Tiblesului Grosii Tiblesului, nr.
Among these systems, Wi-Fi-based localization systems are more suitable for wide applications than the other systems because the Wi-Fi-based systems can employ widely deployed access points (APs) and commonly available Wi-Fi terminal devices [10].
This compilation for academicians, researchers, and practitioners examines the fast growing area of wireless sensor networks and localization techniques, and explains fundamental theories underpinning measurement techniques and localization algorithms.
The importance of the resolution of the localization problem in robotics is illustrated by the number and the variety of contributions that one can find in the literature [1], [2], [3]; but until nowadays we haven't any simple or effective enough method that permits an optimal localization of the robot.
Localization usually, although not always, refers to software.
That is where localization comes in, and that is the trend of businesses in every corner of the world today, and likely into the future.
We paid particular attention to the incidence of pathology on both sides of the neck and to the value of preoperative localization studies.
RWS Group developed the RWS Localization Tools suite as part of its continuing commitment to creating language technology for the localization industry.