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LOC ACCLocation Accuracy (US DoD)
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Perkins: All modalities, either individually or used in combination, are capable of delivering the location accuracy required of a variety of use cases.
The company, with headquarters in California and Virginia, offers positioning services designed for E911, public safety and emergency response and a range of consumer and commercial applications that require precise indoor location accuracy.
Second, the location accuracy (L) was used in accordance with the ISO1101 standard [41,42] to evaluate the geometrical accuracy of the achieved cut plane with respect to the desired resection plane (the target plane).
" In addition to better location accuracy, the TruePosition LMU-Universal supports multiple air interfaces, including GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, and WiMAX.
The proposed technology is expected to provide location accuracy to within one meter while the soldier travels up to a half-kilometer in a GPS-denied environment.
This paper discusses the discrimination of signals from noise, arrival time determination of Lamb waves and location accuracy.
Then we will cover several important emitter-location issues, such as the techniques for specifying location accuracy, the way sensitivity is measured, and the way emitter location is performed on low-probability-of-intercept signals.
This strong technology infrastructure provides the capability to support the location accuracy and quality of service levels that critical information services require.
"This was one of our biggest tests of the location accuracy and robustness of the tag," says Mark Wrubel, project manager at Ford.
The report finds further that, generally, the importance of location accuracy is overstated and that well-designed applications and user-friendly interfaces are far more important to users.
Reduced time to verify the mobile caller's location, due to improved location accuracy, vital in timely emergency situations, High-precision location provided for 95% of genuine 111 calls from any New Zealand smartphone, accounting for approximately 780,000 calls per year, All emergency mobile calls will have a location record, regardless of platform and including New Zealand visitors roaming in country, Supports todays 3G networks and tomorrows 4G LTE voice networks, with extension to support future 5G networks.