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LOCILaw & Order: Criminal Intent (TV show)
LOCILoss of Control In-Flight (aviation)
LOCILogarithmic Computing Instrument
LOCILaboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation (Madison, WI)
LOCILogistical Computing and Internetworking (University of Tennessee)
LOCILake Ontario Coastal Initiative (Canada)
LOCILaboratory of Cognitive Imaging (University of California, San Diego)
LOCILoss-Of-Coolant Incident
LOCIList Of Cancelled Items
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Where, ne is Number of effective alleles per loci and xi is the average allele density at the ith loci.
As expected, all 5 loci showed differences in the number of microsatellite repeats.
tuberculosis presentaban similitud genetica, por lo que se encontraban agrupados en clusters, pero ademas demostro que MIRU-VNTR 15 loci combinado con espoligotopaje, asi como MIRU-VNTR 24 loci, tienen la suficiente discriminacion para reemplazar el metodo RFLP IS 6110 (15).
Loci previously completed several projects at both of the charter school's locations.
Our sample may show a single size product (indicating both loci copies had the same repeat number), or it may show two products, differing in repeat numbers (Figure 1).
Adequate loci with sufficient polymorphism are required to definitively detect patterns of divergence from limited sample sizes.
The paper is structured as follows: Section 2 gives basic knowledge of exploring loci of points, in Section 3 loci in a plane are investigated in two examples and finally in Section 4 we demonstrate a locus in 3D.
To account for the large number of trait-associated loci identified in meta-GWASs and to compensate for their weak effects, investigators have proposed risk scores that combine the contributions of several susceptibility alleles.
By including those 'unreliable' loci they provided the opportunity to determine, under field conditions, whether they are, in fact, any less reliable than the other loci.
One of the loci identified is known as TCF7L2, a genetic factor in insulin secretion previously linked to diabetes onset.
This report describes the allele frequencies and the measure of forensic parameters for the 17 short tandem repeat loci in a sample of 276 unrelated people.
In general this system appears to reflect evolutionary relationships among the loci (Lewis et al.