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LKGLippen-Kiefer-Gaumenspalten (German: Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate)
LKGLast Known Good
LKGLower Kindergarten (Indian education system)
LKGLake Gaston (North Carolina)
LKGLoop Key Generator
LKGLast Knights of Gondolin (gaming)
LKGLongkang Gang (sportfishing club; Malaysia)
LKGLast Kiss Goodbye (song)
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Locking for class definition change in Orion and [O.sub.2] Implicit locking in Orion Explicit locking in [O.sub.2] IW lock A [down arrow] IW lock B [down arrow] IW lock C [down arrow] IW lock D [down arrow] W lock E Cw lock [down arrow] F Cw lock Fig.
Programs using the repeatable read locking strategy hold their locks until a COMMIT is issued.
Today the frame lock, or "Integral Lock" as Reeve prefers to call it, is arguably considered the strongest locking mechanism available.
To stop this, buy a security hinge with tamper-proof pins and a locking tab at a home center.
And finally, a savings in time and labor costs is recognized because the Flywheel Lock can be put in service by one person instead of the two or more workers needed to install less effective "locking" methods.
shows proposed architecture with Server that implements GDA and DAF interfaces and a additional Locking interface.
Kaba Ilco was ready to beta-test the Oracode locking system, an electronic pushbutton system that is opened using a PIN number.
* A deadlatch is a positive locking latchbolt used on most quality locks for entry doors.
The most important thing, police and bike shop owners say, is to use two different locking systems.
Morphing fasteners are produced with alloys like nitinol, a shape-memory material, to place or withdraw the catch portion of the locking mechanism.
Finally, there had to be a positive lock for the locking mechanism such that it is clear both visually and tactilely when the mechanism is engaged.
A locking bolt can be fitted to a wooden window frame.
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