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LKGLippen-Kiefer-Gaumenspalten (German: Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate)
LKGLast Known Good
LKGLower Kindergarten (Indian education system)
LKGLake Gaston (North Carolina)
LKGLoop Key Generator
LKGLast Knights of Gondolin (gaming)
LKGLongkang Gang (sportfishing club; Malaysia)
LKGLast Kiss Goodbye (song)
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Programs using the repeatable read locking strategy hold their locks until a COMMIT is issued.
In OO designs, data locking locks instances rather than classes.
The locking mechanism itself consists of a rotary locking ring that engages lugged tiebar ends.
Soldiers deployed in Iraq can get the locking bar and screw at the Small Arms Support Center at Camp Anaconda.
If additional opening force is required, the locking cylinders can be programmed to apply a short, powerful opening stroke.
The partnership will integrate Uniloc's patented device locking activation technology, softANCHOR[TM], with V.
Creating a single pass through locking functionality is just another way for Optimal Blue to bring additional value to our correspondent clients and their originators.
Upon executing both interest rate locks, the borrower effectively secured a lower interest rate and new loan amount while locking in the treasury rate used to calculate the yield maintenance on the existing $130 million loan.
Optimal Blue is the first third-party provider to offer technology that automates the locking process directly with participating investors.
With effortless locking and loading of reinforced fiberglass cut-off wheels, users are no longer faced with losing the tiny mandrel screw.
While some users may need to be protected by fully locking down the endpoint, others may need access to applications that have not been approved by the organization in order to work effectively.
OTCBB:GWLK), a homeland security company providing physical locking systems, wireless biometric security products and GPS tracking services, announced today that full deployment of its custom proprietary locking system with the U.
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