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LOCOLocomotive (mining industry)
LOCOLow Cost
LOCOLoudoun County, Virginia (nickname)
LOCOLand of Chaos Online (game)
LOCOLayered Organization in the Coastal Ocean
LOCOLudlow Orchard Community Organization (New York)
LOCOLOw COmplexity LOssless COmpression for Images
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Dance teacher Lauren Haywood used the money raised to buy new outfits to give Poco Loco the look of champions.
But a shortage of locos on the Ffestiniog Railway that summer led to the loco being hired, initially only for a few weeks.
Anyone who has been to Circo Loco out in Ibiza will know what to expect - smiley faces, knowledgeable crowds and, of course, the most connoisseur beats.
Loco is also light on describing intertribal connectivity and power among southwestern Indigenous nations.
The three ropes courses, called the Loco Lines, are made up of more than 30 different challenge elements, such as suspended bridges and "Tarzan swings.
Premio Loco has recorded five of his nine victories on the all-weather, which may have contributed to his being regarded as something of a sand specialist, something Westley is swift to defend him against.
As well as boxes and grab bags for everyday enjoyment, Cocoa Loco presents chocolate in kilner glass jars, which make beautiful gift ideas and look eye-catching in store.
Then Locos wrapped it up late on when Andy Low drew a fine save from former Hibs keeper John Campbell but McKay was on hand to tap the ball into the empty net.
In 1765 the legal scholar Sir William Blackstone wrote that, when sending kids to school, Dad "may also delegate part of his parental authority, during his life to the tutor or schoolmaster of the child; who is then in loco parentis, and has such a portion of the power of the parents committed to his charge.
NEW 'no frills' flight operator LOCO Flights has touched down at Birmingham International Airport, offering savings of up to 30 per cent on fares to sun-soaked Tenerife.
Loco and friends definitely did that but as a testimony to the communal threads of a people, it's a masterpiece.