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LOCLibrary Of Congress
LOCLines Of Code (software development)
LOCLine Of Credit
LOCLevel Of Consciousness (medical)
LOCLine of Control
LOCLoss of Control
LOCLetter Of Credit
LOCLength of Cut (measurement)
LOCLocal Organizing Committee (various organizations)
LOCLine of Coverage (insurance)
LOCLine of Communications (US DoD)
LOCLetter of Confirmation (various organizations)
LOCLevel of Care
LOCLoss of Consciousness
LOCLocative (vestigial Latin case)
LOCLeague of Champions (various locations)
LOCLines of Communication
LOCList of Contributors
LOCLemoyne-Owen College (Memphis, TN, USA)
LOCLocalizer (instrument flying)
LOCLength-of-Curve (stress metric)
LOCLab On a Chip
LOCLeft of Center (Charlottesville, VA)
LOCLocal Operating Company
LOCLearning outside the Classroom (various organizations)
LOCLow Operating Cost
LOCLevel Of Concern
LOCLexus Owners Club (car club)
LOCLife of Crime (game)
LOCLines of Code
LOCLoop Online Control
LOCLocus of Control
LOCLesbians of Color (various locations)
LOCLand of Confusion
LOCLow Organic Carbon
LOCLeftover Crack (band)
LOCLost Opportunity Cost
LOCLetter of Commendation
LOCLetter of Compliance
LOCLateral Orbitofrontal Cortex
LOCLoss of Cell
LOCLoss of Cell (delineation; ATMF)
LOCLetter Of Consent
LOCLord of Chaos (Wheel of Time; book 6)
LOCLogic of Constraints
LOCLake Ontario Counties (Rochester, NY)
LOCLead On Chip
LOCLimiting Oxidant Concentration
LOCLoss of Containment
LOCLogistics Operations Center
LOCLoss of Continuity (Sprint-ATM)
LOCLearning Opportunity Center (various locations)
LOCLeague Online Community (National League of Cities)
LOCLocal Oversight Committee (Oak Ridge, Tennessee)
LOCLoan Origination Center
LOCLetter Of Counseling
LOCLand of Chocolate (band)
LOCLoop On-Line Control
LOCLaunch Operations Center
LOCLine Out Converter
LOCLoss of Carrier
LOCLoss of Clock (DSC)
LOCLimited Operational Capability
LOCLarge Optical Cavity
LOCLicense of Occupation
LOCLAN Operations Center
LOCLabuan Online Community
LOCLiquid Organic Cleaner (Amway)
LOCLevel of Operational Capability
LOCLaxative of Choice
LOCLowest Outgoing Channel
LOCLocal Operator Console
LOCLetter of notification of personnel Clearance
LOCOxygen Lance Cutting (welding)
LOCLunar Orbit Capture
LOCLondon Open College
LOCLoss of Channel (Cisco)
LOCLetter Of Conditions
LOCLeft Outer Canthus
LOCLords of Crabula (gaming clan)
LOCLockout Chamber
LOCLogical Output Channel
LOCLower Order Concern (writing)
LOCLynn Operations Center
LOCLove of Crip
LOCLife of Company
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Locus of control is the term for one's beliefs about critical factors that determine entrepreneurial success These include: (a) internal factors including personal motives, capabilities or effort, (b) external factors such as social or organizational determinants, and (c) chance factor for example luck or chance events.
Rotter (1966) giving the concept of Locus of Control for the very first time in his research study from societal learning theory, and gains a very vital and positive attention towards behavioral researches.
Furthermore, since reactions to uncertainty (ambiguity) have been implicated in mediating the effects of locus of control (e.g., Grou and Tabak, 2008), the current study will also examine how theodicy might be related to reactions to uncertainty.
An aptitude relevant to control the excess of outcomes is called Locus of Control. Locus of control can be divided into two types: internal and external (Gershaw, 1989).
'Locus' the Latin word for 'place' was dichotomized by Rotter into internal and external Locus of control. Internal locus of control refers to degree to which an individual perceives that events which occur to them are causally related to their own behavior.
An important variable that has not been properly taken into account in the literature regarding the relationship between locus of control and maltreatment, and between the latter and attachment, is the impact on these associations and intersections that can result from being exposed to violence and neglect by the parents for longer or shorter periods; that is, it has never been investigated to what extent the experiences of maltreatment suffered over time can be configured as a cumulative trauma which can affect the attachment working models, the attributional processes and their intersection.
Work locus of control represents the extent to which people attribute rewards, reinforcements or outcomes at work to their own behavior [26].
The aim of conducting the present study was to investigate the relationship between locus of control, quality of life and depression among migraine patients.
In order to study the effects of locus of control on job turnover, I specify a model of on-the-job search that illustrates how a worker's perception of control affects search intensity, which influences job transitions.