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These according to Pierre's observations were men who had no belief in anything, nor desire for anything, but joined the Freemasons merely to associate with the wealthy young Brothers who were influential through their connections or rank, and of whom there were very many in the lodge.
A solemn meeting of the lodge of the second degree was convened, at which Pierre promised to communicate to the Petersburg Brothers what he had to deliver to them from the highest leaders of their order.
To right and left of him were the higher lodge officials, the cruel, handsome face of Ted Baldwin among them.
A finer first appearance had never been made in the lodge. Hands clapped him on the back, and the hood was plucked from his head.
In the mean time the trapper and the Sioux chief pursued their way to the lodge. The former had watched with painful interest the expression of Mahtoree's eye, while the words of Middleton and Paul were pursuing their footsteps, but the mien of the Indian was far too much restrained and self-guarded, to permit the smallest of his emotions to escape through any of those ordinary outlets, by which the condition of the human volcano is commonly betrayed.
The appearance of the interior of the lodge corresponded with its exterior.
After a time, the voice of the sovereign chief, "the Left- handed," was heard across the river, announcing that the council lodge was preparing, and inviting the white men to come over.
It was the principal edifice of the village, though roughly constructed of the bark and branches of trees; being the lodge in which the tribe held its councils and public meetings during their temporary residence on the borders of the English province.
Not a young, giddy-pated girl, that will think of nothing but flaunting and finery, but a sober, discreet, hard-working squaw; one that will share my lot without flinching, however hard it may be; that can take care of my lodge, and be a companion and a helpmate to me in the wilderness." Kowsoter promised to look round among the females of his tribe, and procure such a one as he desired.
If he needed a sauce, Fate bestowed one upon him, for he was scarcely midway through his meal before a loud ringing at the lodge gates proved the accuracy of his conjectures.
The keeper's garden was at the back of the lodge. Passing through the wicket-gate, he found a little summer-house at a turn in the path.
A very regular feature on the face of the country, Stone Lodge was.