logMARLogarithm of the Minimum Angle of Resolution
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A high level of treatment compliance was reported along with a large mean improvement in acuity of 0.27 logMAR (almost three lines of acuity).
The average VA was calculated and transformed to the LogMAR equivalent, and then taking the average of these Log MAR values.
This recovery at week 72 could not yet completely offset deterioration from baseline through the acute phase: GS010-treated eyes were still below baseline by 0.192 LogMAR (-10 ETDRS letters equivalent), compared to 0.380 LogMAR (-19 ETDRS letters equivalent) at Week 48.
The preoperative BCVA was 0.21+-0.18 (logMAR 0.67+-0.29) and the BCVA of 3 months after surgery was 0.65+-0.32 (logMAR 0.23+-0.15).
The mean admission LogMAR visual acuity was 2.26 [+ or -] 0.68, and the mean discharge LogMAR visual acuity was 2.18 [+ or -] 0.72 [Figure 3].
While the mean distant BCVA value before the use of telescopic glasses was 1.10[+ or -]0.40 logMAR (min: 1.30 logMAR; max: 0.70 logMAR), it was determined as 0.54[+ or -]0.16 logMAR (min: 0.72 logMAR; max: 0.30 logMAR) after the use of telescopic glasses.
In right eyes of high myopia group mean visual acuity was 0.31 logMAR and in right eyes of control group mean visual acuity was 0.09 logMAR (P <.05).
Patients with bilateral impairment had a mean BCVA of 0.9 logMAR (range 0-2.30), whereas patients with unilateral disease had a mean BCVA of 1.02 logMAR (p = 0.54).
Trabectome surgery significantly improved visual acuity from 0.104 [+ or -] 0.179 logMAR to 0.038 [+ or -] 0.123 logMAR (P < 0.001).
Rabaa visited Dr Darakhshanda Khurram wearing very thick lenses in her glasses because of her severe cataract and myopia (Right eye -19.00 DS, Vision 0.9 LogMar and left eye -19.00 DS, Vision 1.1 LogMar).