logMARLogarithm of the Minimum Angle of Resolution
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There was a negative correlation between BCVA according to logMAR and SFCT (r=-0,171 p=0.
Study author, Dr Rob Jenkins, of the University of York, told OT that study participants who performed worse on the logMAR test to begin with generally noticed the greatest improvements.
En el estudio de precision y veracidad en las tres pruebas, se hizo un analisis de escalas y se adopto el 0,1 logMAR como valor de la variabilidad esperada en las pruebas.
The comparison between CRVO to the BRVO group through independent sample t- test showed that the baseline logMAR was significantly higher in CRVO patients (pless than 0.
Final visual outcome was defined as Snellen's or LogMar best corrected visual acuity at final follow up of 120 days after the onset of central retinal vein occlusion and compared with the presenting visual acuity.
TABLE 2: Size of Stimuli in the AFOV Test Target Size Ring Width Gap Width Position ([degrees]) (Relative) (Relative) AFOV 1: logMAR [less than or equal to] 0.
This is important for the LOGMAR label when the vehicle gets down to the shipping yard so that both pieces of equipment are accounted for appropriately.
Patients whose retinal sensitivity increased by three or more dB also showed significant improvement in logMAR visual acuity (p<0.