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LGWVLong Wave
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RDTM is a technique that can be applied to work out for coupled problem of the symmetric regularized long wave equations (SRLWE).
Ultimately, however, the author reminds the reader that the first three long waves ended in "the triumph of a moderate constitutional regime" (p.
It seeks to critically evaluate the performance of capitalist economies according to whether they are undergoing long wave upswing (above 2.
2004) presented the dispersion relation resulting from linear stability analysis and also its long wave approximation.
The solder rise and the velocity of the solder at the wave surface area in front of the PCB is less on a machine with a long wave area than it is on a smaller wave area.
RTE is facing protests over its plan to stop the radio broadcasting of GAA games on medium and long wave.
065 [degrees]C) and a long wave (8 -13 micron) wavelength uncooled focal plane detector array at 30 Hz frame rate, the 'Miricle' camera range offers new opportunities for online product inspection, thermal imaging and process control.
Additionally, tanning beds, booths and sunlamps radiate both UVB rays and long wave UVA rays that penetrate the skin more deeply than sunlight, making it even more vulnerable to the effects of the sun and increasing the risk of skin cancer.
The new instrument measures long wave and short wave.
After Trigger Cure 9-20675 A/B is dispensed, exposure to long wave UV light cures the product to a depth of 1/4" in 20 seconds or less.
Mike Burke, director of international business development for Apache weapons systems at Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control (Orlando, FL), said that this is the main reason why the US Army chose long wave for its original FLIR system for helicopters.