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LOPSLoss of Protective Sensation
LOPSLondon Permit Scheme (London, UK)
LOPSLength Of Patient Stay
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The Congress has also argued that the Leader of the Opposition has become important over the past decades because the LoP has a role in the panel which clears appointments to constitutional posts like CVC, CBI, NHRC and Lokpal.
The British naval attache was taken on a tour of some of the LOPs in December 1939.
BIG EARS: The lop rabbit when fully grown, will have ears which will reach 28-30 inches' LITTLE WONDER: Steve Hart with an 11-week-old English lop rabbit which has ears measuring 22 inches
which consisted of LOP particles of anisotropic shape slightly different from the structure observed in the outer regions of the cross section.
LOPS should be diagnosed through sensory testing with the 5.
In fact, Lops noted, by owning up to the violations as soon as a drug chain discovers it is employing a person on the LEIE, the Health and Human Services department will usually work with the company to correct the problem without levying hefty fines.
She was born on May 4, 1917, in Leominster; daughter of Michele and Agnes (Billani) Lops.
I have raised Mini Lops as pets for the local pet stores for nine years.
Total foot exam with evaluation of LOPS, foot structure, and biomechanics, vascular status, skin integrity, and evaluation and advice on footwear.
The diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy with LOPS [loss of protective sensation] due to diabetes mellitus should be established and documented prior to coverage of foot care," according to a memo issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
These developed into the Dwarf Lops, a chunky rabbit with drooping ears.