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LOTASLevel One Trauma Anesthesia Simulation (emergency care study)
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Malik, a known columnist defines the Lotas as, "In a pack of 52 cards, the joker is a perfect 'Lota'.
If they refuse to accept Lotas in the party, the trend will automatically fade out.
Meanwhile PPP party members took out a rally in Hafizabad by carrying lotas against Fiaz Awan.
Esophageal intubation occurred in one patient and remained undetected for longer than 6 rain (Mackenzie, Martin, Xiao, & the LOTAS Group, 1996).
Mumtaz Bhutto but also by the People's Student Federation and the militant wing of the PPP who resent the return of the turn-coats or lotas who had made their fortunes serving Jam Sadiq and Muzzafar Shah, or Gen.
Judy Lotas, Partner, LMP/NYC, and John Colasanti, President, Carmichael Lynch, were emcees at the CEBA Awards Show when John's agency was announced as the Grand CEBA winner.
To a question about providing lotas to participants of the long march he said "we don't do business of lotas.
1995; Schwartz, Matthay, & Cohen, 1995; Xiao, Mackenzie, & the LOTAS Group, 1995), equipment interfaces (e.
The third largest party in the National Assembly has also decided not to spare Lotas (turncoats) that betrayed the party and formed a so-called Unification block in order to land in the pockets of the Sharif brothers.