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LOTHLady of the House
LOTHLiturgy of the Hours (liturgical form)
LOTHLanguage of Thought Hypothesis
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Stuart had concluded his bargain, he lingered about the animal, seeming loth to part from him, and to be sorry for what he had done.
The waggon had drawn up under the churchyard wall, in a spot screened from view, and the driver, nothing loth, soon hauled down the poor heap of household goods.
There are reasons why he would be loth to refuse me."
As for Jones," said he, "whom I am loth to call villain, though his behaviour to you, sir, sufficiently justifies the appellation, his own vanity, or perhaps some wicked views, might make him boast of a falsehood; for if there had been any reality in Miss Western's love to him, the greatness of her fortune would never have suffered him to desert her, as you are well informed he hath.
She lashed her horses on and they flew forward nothing loth, till in a trice they were at high Olympus, where the gods have their dwelling.
She lashed her horses, and they flew forward nothing loth midway betwixt earth and sky.
He offered me also sixty pieces of eight more for my boy Xury, which I was loth to take; not that I was unwilling to let the captain have him, but I was very loth to sell the poor boy's liberty, who had assisted me so faithfully in procuring my own.
Every day she seems to get fonder and fonder of her uncle, and more loth to part from all of us.
This led to a number of violent skirmishes between the Dutch and the Bandanese, Loth wrote.
The simplicity of Loth's advice belies the difficult choices she's made during more than three decades in fundraising.
If Loth and his team are successful, the DOE could attain its goal of providing 20 percent of the nation's energy from wind by 2030, as outlined in the recently updated Wind Vision Report.
Those were much lower than the success rates reported by Loth & Henneberg, which raised doubts on the predictive accuracy and reliability of mandibular flexure as a morphological indicator of sex.