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LLZLounge Lizard
LLZLeft Lower Zone (lung region)
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Frontman Kapranos, guitarist Nick McCarthy, bassist Bob Hardy and drummer Paul Thompson wore their usual lounge lizard suits as they gyrated and guitar-duelled around the stage.
In the middle of every set, he would suddenly slow down the time, and become a lounge lizard crooning and shim shamming along a diagonal to "I've got the routine .
You might get the odd moustache-twirling lounge lizard who tries it on, but generally the groups are made up of singles who just want good company.
If that were not enough, Bob does the lounge lizard in Moonlight, and is timelessly jazzy in the shuffle Bye And Bye and the ballad Po' Boy.
Whether he's playing Ferecito, an unctuous Venezuelan percussionist who's a cross between Ricky Ricardo and a Vegas lounge lizard, or a self-defense instructor whose tips would seem to guarantee maximum harm in any situation, Armisen likes the tension created by nervous laughter when people are not quite sure if he is playing a role.
The ultimate lounge lizard has been joined on stage in the past by Robbie Williams, Martin Fry and Suggs.
The chain are launching new styles, including a bright blue Ted Baker T Lounge Lizard suit.
Exuding a slick southern style and a predatory air, jabbing his face forward in strange bird-like motions, he isn't so much a lounge lizard as a velociraptor in a sharp suit.
Leonard, smooth as a lounge lizard, finishes and smiles.
SUNDAY service resumed at the Waiting Room where ANDY JOHNSON was joined by (Wildcats) Mackie and Simon to provide lounge lizard versions of Andy's latest album, Scratch.