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LVRLaser Vaginal Rejuvenation (cosmetic surgery)
LVRLoan to Value Ratio
LVRLung Volume Reduction
LVRLow Voltage Reset
LVRLoss of Visual Reference (aviation)
LVRLow Voltage Release
LVRLarge Volume Receiver (Canada Post)
LVRLine Voltage Regulator
LVRLow Voltage Relay
LVRLRU Verification Rack
LVRLarge Vocabulary Response (Sprint)
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However, with the exception of the outdoor louver and dampers, a common face velocity is indicated.
Water leakage paths associated with PTAC installations include: through the joint between the inboard surface of the louver and the front face of the PTAC sleeve, through unflashed perimeter joints between the louver or sleeve and the adjacent wall cladding, and through unsealed corners of metal sleeves (plastic sleeves are molded and do not have vulnerable corners).
The Louver House is an architecturally unique building and offers buyers spacious layouts and a truly one-of-kind living experience.
The problem can be fixed with the application of an adhesive to the louver, an air grille panel on the car, and owners of affected cars can have them fixed at local dealers, GM said.
Good parabolic louver luminaires were about 75 percent efficient, and lens fixtures were about 55 percent efficient.
Airolite had decided that the stiffener was not needed because the louvers were more rigid than had been anticipated.
When compared to traditional, louver shutters, the HYFLO[R] Shutter increases fan performance up to 9.
With the purchase, TLT-Babcock complements its existing diverter, louver, and guillotine damper product lines offered over the years to the utility and industrial market.
With no louver or conventional reflectors for optical control, the Meso X1 has superior optical distribution, offering balanced brightness from a single T5 high-output lamp at all viewing angles.
On the way we visited the old stave church at Borgund; it was the most fantastic sight you could imagine, like the whim of some brilliant child, a cockchafer's shell carved by a simple giant with his sheath-knife, with simple crosses and arrogant dragonheads, all twists and twirls, louver on louver.
In addition to rectangular shutter panels with four different louver sizes (movable or fixed), O'Hair Shutters produces sunburst shutters (with radial louvers) for quarter-, half- and full-circle windows, as well as perimeter mouldings for use in the aforementioned framing.
Fortunately, Arlington started using this new concept at the approximate time a new geometrical programmed louver (about $100) came on the market.