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LOWSLlama Owners of Washington State
LOWSLake Ontario Winter Storms Project (US NOAA)
LOWSLookout Operated Warning System (railway safety)
LOWSLow Osmolality Water Soluble
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I remember," said he, "when I first took to the business, there was a great deal of low stuff that did very well to make folks laugh; but was never calculated to improve the morals of young people, which certainly ought to be principally aimed at in every puppet-show: for why may not good and instructive lessons be conveyed this way, as well as any other?
Here and there were slight outcroppings of quartz-bearing rock which glistened in the sunlight; and a little to my left, perhaps a hundred yards, appeared a low, walled enclosure about four feet in height.
That he is a low, mercenary wretch; that I first saw him prowling about Italy (where I was, not long ago), and that I hired him there, as the suitable instrument of a purpose I happened to have; I have no objection to tell you.
The low levels of most of the Saharan Sanatoria are against them except at the outset of the disease.
While Heyward and his companions hesitated to approach a building so decayed, Hawkeye and the Indians entered within the low walls, not only without fear, but with obvious interest.
Now Giafar had something of importance to say to the Caliph, and had no intention of being put off by mere silence, so with another low bow in front of the throne, he began to speak.
We heard her low voice, and then, in a voice I did not recognise the answer:
He raised his head and leaning far out over the low rail that rimmed his dizzy perch, voiced the shrill, weird wail that called the demons of this hellish place to the attack.
Tarzan knew the note, and he knew that it spelled neither rage nor hunger, and then he risked all on a single throw, encouraged by that low whine.
Mr Venus, always in exceedingly low spirits and making whimpering sounds, peers about for the stuffed canary.
These, from the effects of the elevation and of the impetuous winds, were low, thick and crooked.
The coun- try at the back of Brenzett is low and flat, but the bay is fairly well sheltered from the seas, and occa- sionally a big ship, windbound or through stress of weather, makes use of the anchoring ground a mile and a half due north from you as you stand at the back door of the "Ship Inn" in Brenzett.