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LUCIDLogical User Centered Interaction Design (Cognetics Corporation)
LUCIDLocal Unit Criteria and Indicators Development
LUCIDLucifer's Universal Criminal Identification System :-)
LUCIDLogical Universal Communication Interactive Databank :-)
LUCIDLSU (Louisiana State University) Undergraduate Chemistry Information Depot
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She had truly never thought so far as that, and his lucid picture of possible offspring who would scorn her was one that brought deadly convictions to an honest heart which was humanitarian to its centre.
He delighted in the robust common sense of Thomas Hobbes; Spinoza filled him with awe, he had never before come in contact with a mind so noble, so unapproachable and austere; it reminded him of that statue by Rodin, L'Age d'Airain, which he passionately admired; and then there was Hume: the scepticism of that charming philosopher touched a kindred note in Philip; and, revelling in the lucid style which seemed able to put complicated thought into simple words, musical and measured, he read as he might have read a novel, a smile of pleasure on his lips.
But though Napoleon knew that de Beausset had to say something of this kind, and though in his lucid moments he knew it was untrue, he was pleased to hear it from him.
It is beyond the range of our sensibilities; but to a creature of the lower orders, especially to the hunters and the hunted, as interesting and ofttimes more lucid than is the printed page to us.
A hole in the roof permitted the smoke from burning oil egress; yet the atmosphere was far from lucid.
Sometimes in lucid moments he thought he was like a place where there had once been a spring.
His narrative was often broken by lapses of concentration during which he reverted to his plaintive mumbling for food and recurrence to the statement that there was a way out; but by firmness and patience the Englishman drew out piece-meal a more or less lucid exposition of the remarkable scheme of evolution that rules in Caspak.
His mind had begun to wander again, and to be perplexed by hallucinations, while his lucid intervals grew rarer and shorter.
Bassett remembered that at the time, in lucid moments, he had likened himself to a wounded bull pursued by plains' coyotes too cowardly to battle with him for the meat of him, yet certain of the inevitable end of him when they would be full gorged.
Mrs Curdle had sat listening to this lucid explanation with great complacency.
The atmosphere, seen through a short space of half or three-quarters of a mile, was perfectly lucid, but at a greater distance all colours were blended into a most beautiful haze, of a pale French grey, mingled with a little blue.
Not least important are his faculties of logical arrangement and lucid statement.