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A gentleman of Typee can bring up a numerous family of children and give them all a highly respectable cannibal education, with infinitely less toil and anxiety than he expends in the simple process of striking a light; whilst a poor European artisan, who through the instrumentality of a lucifer performs the same operation in one second, is put to his wit's end to provide for his starving offspring that food which the children of a Polynesian father, without troubling their parents, pluck from the branches of every tree around them.
These sins are: Covetousness, Unchastity, Anger, Gluttony, Envy, Sloth, and, chief of all, Pride, the earliest of all, through which Lucifer was moved to his fatal rebellion against God, whence spring all human ills.
He is as Lucifer would be, were that proud spirit banished to a society of soulless, Tomlinsonian ghosts.
Half an hour ago he had felt like Lucifer hurled from heaven.
In all the crime and vice and moral gloom of the great pest-house of the capital, he stood alone, marked and singled out by his great guilt, a Lucifer among the devils.
For it was to be seen with half an eye that he was a thorough gentleman, made to the model of the time; weary of everything, and putting no more faith in anything than Lucifer.
But no--no one but you knows where it is, and that's power; and, call yourself whatever humble names you will, I call you a female Lucifer in appetite for power
Oh, I suppose he is like the father; he seems to be as proud as Lucifer.
A man who joined his regiment at twenty and within a week challenged the most imperious and presumptuous coxcomb of a commanding officer that ever drew the breath of life through a tight waist--and got broke for it--is not the man to be walked over by all the Sir Lucifers, dead or alive, locked or unlocked.
If Lucifer Bleu cannot get the job done - and it has to be doubtful - it will be only the brave among his backers that look to recoup their stake on Clay Hollister in the closing bumper: this horse is gathering a big reputation and is poised to start a very short price.
Racing Post handicapper Steve Mason, who put Lucifer Bleu up 21lb himself, has reservations about the Wincanton form, saying: "It's not as if he won a really competitive 16-runner handicap in which there were plenty you could fancy - then you could be absolutely confident of the rating.
Lucifer Bleu's victory last Saturday in a 2m5f chase at Wincanton, where he made all and was eased considerably on the run-in yet still came home 11 lengths clear, made David Pipe the first trainer in Britain to win 100 races in a debut season.