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LUCKLearning under Correct Knowledge
LUCKLaboring Under Correct Knowledge
LUCKLeuvens Universitair Centrum voor Kankerpreventie (Dutch: Leuven University Center for Cancer Prevention; Belgium)
LUCKLocation, Understanding, Connections and Knowledge
LUCKLiving Under Christ's Kindness
References in classic literature ?
"'Twill be convenient in the way of greeting when he backs up to dump off the good luck."
He was apt, when pushed so close by hard luck, to kick the best dressed man he could see, and try to take command of the boat.
'I says to myself,' he went on, 'directly you hove in view, yonder's Gaffer, and in luck again, by George if he ain't!
Snell's sentiment, that when a man had deserved his good luck, it was the part of his neighbours to wish him joy.
While he was trying his luck in milking, and managing the matter very clumsily, the uneasy beast began to think him very troublesome; and at last gave him such a kick on the head as knocked him down; and there he lay a long while senseless.
The countryman stopped to ask what was o'clock; this led to further chat; and Hans told him all his luck, how he had so many good bargains, and how all the world went gay and smiling with him.
"To try his luck or the certainty?" Rostov asked himself.
Now, I mistrust Uncle Salters fer the Jonerest Jonah in the fleet regardin' his own special luck. Dunno ef it's spreadin' same's smallpox.
"Uncle Salters has catched his luck," said Dan, as his father departed.
Tom's good luck; and Tom had thought his father would like nothing better, as a finish to the day, than a talk with Bob.
And they made me sit down at table beside them, poured me out a glass of wine, filled my hands with raisins, and all three, one after the other, and each with a bow, drank my good health, and their service to me, for my luck and courage.
As soon as they had entered the chamber he closed the door after him, and almost by force made Sancho sit down beside him, and in a quiet tone thus addressed him: "I give infinite thanks to heaven, friend Sancho, that, before I have met with any good luck, fortune has come forward to meet thee.