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LUCKYLiving Under Correct Knowledge Yearly (Gary Busey)
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Afterward they drifted into a roulette parlor, and Jurgis, who was never lucky at gambling, dropped about fifteen dollars.
You made a lucky guess; and that is all that can be said.
George, I reckon you'll have to wait another turn, friend; and lucky for you as I'm not a revengeful man.
Every day I suffer a thousand hardships and misfortunes, and have hard work to get even enough bad barley bread to keep myself and my family alive, while the lucky Sindbad spends money right and left and lives upon the fat of the land
I say lucky for us he did not reach us, and I might almost say luckily for himself; for we had only a small breaker of water and some soddened ship's biscuits with us, so sudden had been the alarm, so unprepared the ship for any disaster.
Next time you call," said she, "I hope we shall be more lucky.
The point is that there are ships where things DO go wrong; but whatever the ship - good or bad, lucky or unlucky - it is in the forepart of her that her chief mate feels most at home.
He had been lucky in his profession; but spending freely, what had come freely, had realized nothing.
The lucky alarm of an influenza decided what might not have been decided quite so soon.
Surely, as there are mountebanks for the natural body, so are there mountebanks for the politic body; men that undertake great cures, and perhaps have been lucky, in two or three experiments, but want the grounds of science, and therefore cannot hold out.
Hans brushed his coat, wiped his face and hands, rested a while, and then drove off his cow quietly, and thought his bargain a very lucky one.
I see now that it is lucky I could recall but little more.