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LBRLiberia (ISO Country code)
LBRLibrary (File Name Extension)
LBRLandelijk Bureau Ter Bestrijding Van Rassendiscriminatie (Dutch: National Bureau against Racial Discrimination)
LBRLow Bit Rate
LBRLegislative Budget Request
LBRLaser Beam Recorder
LBRLord Blackthorn's Revenge (game)
LBRLoad Backrest (forklift dimension)
LBRLittle Boy's Room
LBRLowville and Beaver River (railroad)
LBRLimerock Bearing Ratio (technical specifications)
LBRLoad Balancing Router
LBRLocal Base Rescue
LBRLaser Beam Rider
LBRLosers Beyond Repair
LBRLabel Bit Rate (Cisco)
LBRLoopback Request
LBRLow Burning Rate
LBRlow birth-rate
LBRLet's Be Real (various applications)
LBRLarge Business Remote
LBRLong Barreled Revolver
LBRLearn by Rote
LBRLow Band Radome (EA-6B program)
LBRLarge Breeder Reactor
LBRLazy Boy Recordz
LBRLigand-Binding Repeat
LBRLow Band Receiver
LBRLocal Bridge Replacement
LBRLoad Bearing Ratio
LBRLoyalty before Royalty
LBRLoose Body Removal (surgery)
LBRLilac Breasted Roller (bird)
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Klingbeil had expected prices to go up on the 80 percent of lumber he sources from Canada.
Globally traded softwood lumber reached an all-time high in 2016, said Wood Resources International in its quarterly report.
was established in 1989 by president, Ron Carlsson, to supply the international lumber market.
Alexander Lumber, a 125-year-old privately owned company, has operations in 20 locations in Illinois and southern Wisconsin.
Lumber prices declined during much of the fall of 2014 in both Sweden and Finland because of the weakening of the export market during the second half of the year.
To celebrate its milestone and appreciate its partners in the Middle East, SPF Precut Lumber will be hosting an invitation only Canadian Softwood Lumber Grading Seminar and Anniversary Celebration on Monday at the Ramada Hotel Dubai.
Sawing patterns can influence both sawing yield and lumber quality.
A 2008 collection lawsuit by an Oregon timber company against Bean Lumber was the first in what is now a cascade of claims and counterclaims that include allegations of theft and check-kiting.
lumber market because we know that it will be beneficial for those families in our country who want to buy homes," said Jerry Howard, executive vice president and CEO of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).
This wood-boring worm could end up in the lumber you use for wood packaging.
The associations want a North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) panel ruling stating that Canadian softwood lumber is not unfairly subsidized finalized.
A big flame has gone out,'' said Ed Langley, senior vice president for Neiman Reed Lumber Co.