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LSLuxury Sedan
LSLight Speed
LSLink State
LSListing (Unix command)
LSLeft Side
LSLow Speed
LSLeeds (postcode, United Kingdom)
LSLeast Squares
LSLesotho (ISO country code, top level domain name)
LSLong Snapper (football)
LSLocal Search
LSLighting System
LSLive Search
LSLearning Services
LSLittle Sister
LSLump Sum
LSLip Service
LSLevi Strauss
LSSick Leave
LSLake Stevens (Washington)
LSLimit Switch
LSLotus Script
LSLok Sabha (Indian parliament)
LSLinkshell (gaming, Final Fantasy XI)
LSLong Shot
LSLong-Short (stock trading)
LSLos Santos (gaming fictional city, GTA: San Andreas)
LSLevel Switch
LSLifesaver (in contrast to a lifeguard)
LSLost in Space (Movie)
LSLand Surveyor
LSLive Stock
LSLisa Simpson
LSLink Set
LSLiquid Scintillation
LSLucky Star (anime)
LSLooksmart (web directory)
LSLausanne Sports (Swiss soccer club)
LSLiteStep (shell replacement for windows)
LSLight Saber
LSLeelee Sobieski (actress)
LSLate Start
LSLogistics Support
LSLightning Storm
LSLetter Signed
LSLimited Series
LSLow Sulfur (fuel)
LSLocation System
LSLemony Snicket (movie)
LSLoop Start (telecommunications)
LSLimbic System (neurology and gaming)
LSLAN Server
LSLead Sheet
LSLeo Sayer (musician)
LSLichen Sclerosus (dermatology)
LSLine Side
LSLanding Site
LSLanding System
LSLouisville Slugger
LSLoad Speed
LSLoad Sensing (hydraulics)
LSRolladen-Schneider (German glider manufacturer)
LSLiving Sacrifice (band)
LSLow-power Schottky (property of some TTL integrated circuits)
LSLongitudinal Section (measure)
LSLine Scanner
LSLeisure Studies
LSLeading Seaman
LSLeading Seaman (Royal Navy)
LSLeap Second
LSLung Sounds
LSLabor Service
LSLocal Switch
LSLog Sheet
LSLife Sciences Division
LSLiberalna Stranka (Croatian: Liberal Party)
LSLitigation Services
LSLeigh Syndrome
LSLaunching System
LSLower Stage
LSLead Service
LSLiaison Spécialisée (French type of business internet connection)
LSLight Shield
LSLanguage Specialist (US government)
LSElite Skills
LSLetter Sheet (philately)
LSLevel of Signal
LSLecithin Sphingomyelin Ratio (fetal lung maturity)
LSLocus Sigilli (Latin: Place of Seal)
LSLaunch Station
LSLong Spacer (NASA)
LSOffice for National Statistics Longitudinal Study (UK)
LSLectori Salutem
LSLocal Sensor
LSLost Saga (gaming)
LSLiquid Stock
LSLiaison Squadron
LSLoop Sheet (Electrical schematic for an instrument)
LSLaser Servo (120) (advanced floppy disk drive)
LSLitigation Staff (Social Security)
LSLute Society (London, UK)
LSLow Stratosphere
LSLuck Shot
LSLodge Secretary (Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America)
LSLuzerne and Susquehanna Railway
LSLogistics Station
LSSandia Laboratories, Livermore
LSLight Smoothed
LSLunar Scout
LSLeft Surface Time (diving)
LSLoyola Seminary
LSLeave Without Pay - Employee Sick
LSLowspeed Signal (Nortel)
LSLeukosis-Sarcoma group (lymphoid leukosis)
LSLucky Strike (cigarettes)
LSLunar Surface
LSLow Shear
LSLynyrd Skynyrd (band)
LSLearning Support (education)
LSLower School
LSLuke Skywalker (Star Wars character)
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5] In the present descriptive study, we have measured LSA in cadavers by goniometer and in lateral view radiographs of lumbosacral spine by digital method.
Comparison of two doses of ropivacaine for lumbosacral epidural analgesia in buffalo calves (Bubalus bubalis).
The impact of electrostimulation of TENS currents on pain reduction among patients with a degenerative disease of intervertebral disc in lumbosacral spine.
Case study: Gluteal compartment syndrome as a cause of lumbosacral radiculoplexopathy and complex regional pain syndrome.
To determine the intensity of GRP-immunoreactivity in fibers in the lower lumbosacral spinal cord (L5-S1 level), at least 10 cross sections (30-[micro]m thick) per animal were randomly selected, and the digital images of three regions [the SPN, dorsal gray commissure (DGC), and dorsal horn (DH)] were prepared (magnification, x200 per section).
When SEL affects the lumbosacral spine, as in our case, it is more commonly idiopathic [1].
A study based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) from Peshawar8 reported that out of the 60 patients who underwent multiplanar MRI lumbosacral spine examination, 17(28.
Valdez told the court that he was suffering from diabetes and lumbosacral spondylosis which required him to be under the care of medical personnel.
An internal fixatar for posterior application to short segments of thoracic, lumbar or lumbosacral spine--Design and testing.
Faun tail is an abnormal congenital hypertrichosis of the lumbosacral region characterized by a triangular-shaped area of thick hair of various lengths.