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LULiberty University (Lynchburg, VA, USA)
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LULund University (Sweden)
LULincoln University (New Zealand)
LULondon Underground
LULancaster University (UK)
LULuzern (Lucerne; Swiss Canton)
LULa Union
LULogical Unit
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LULuton (postcode, United Kingdom)
LULucent Technologies (stock symbol)
LULawrence University (Appleton, WI, USA)
LULehigh University (Bethlehem, PA)
LULieferumfang (German: scope of delivery)
LULevel-Up (gaming)
LULoughborough University (UK)
LULaurentian University (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)
LULars Ulrich (drummer for band Metallica)
LULindenwood University (St. Charles, Missouri)
LULower Upper
LULakehead University (Ontario, Canada)
LULego Universe (video game)
LULucca, Toscana (Italian province)
LULearning Unit
LULingnan University (Hong Kong)
LULynn University (Boca Raton, Fl)
LULocation Update (GSM)
LULongwood University (Farmville, VA)
LULost Universe (anime)
LULine Unit
LULeTourneau University (Longview, Texas)
LULambuth University (Jackson, Tennessee)
LULebanese University
LULibrary Unit
LULivestock Unit
LULacrosse Unlimited
LULefevre Utile (French: Bakery)
LULatvian University
LULeast Utilization
LULocal Envelopes (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
LULeeds United (football club; UK)
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Heron explains that the lutetium exhibits atomic-level displacements called rumples.
elements--gadolinium through lutetium and yttrium--are scarcer but very
In the photoangioplasty study, an experimental compound called lutetium texaphyrin is injected into the bloodstream.
There were fifteen elements running from lanthanum (number 57) to lutetium (number 71) inclusive (with number 61 still undiscovered), and they were now called the lanthanides after the first member.
We moved through sands that are nothing - for all intents and purposes - to the black government, but which DuPont and other white scourges have their scouts scouring daily in order to determine how much zircon, lutetium, and other precious elements essential to Western "hi-technology" there are to be refined from these sands.
Lanthanum to lutetium ratios range from 144, olivine diabase porphyry, to 379, tephrite porphyry.
Tenders invited for 177lu as lutetium chloride, chemical form: lucl3 in dilute hcl solution as per specifications in annexure-a, b.
therapeutics (systemic oncology using Iodine, Yttrium, Samarium, Strontium, Rhenium, Lutetium, Erbium; cardiology, neurology, etc.
nickel, phosphorus, zinc, sulfur, tin, mercury, gold, hafnium, copper, indium, cobalt, iridium, oxygen, darmstadtium, xenon, rubidium, neon, yttrium, lead, bismuth, argon, lutetium, carbon, helium, radon, lithium, boron, caesium, krypton, calcium, hydrogen.
Hope spent two days in Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary, undergoing tests to see if she qualifies for the groundbreaking treatment called 77 Lutetium Dotatate (Ludo).
The separation procedure, employing a customized SuperLig hydrometallurgical process, was accomplished across the entire lanthanide suite, from lanthanum to lutetium, plus yttrium and scandium.
Finally, the TRIUMF facility in Vancouver can add another notch in its panoply of cutting-edge achievements with the opening of the Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (ARIEL), allowing researchers to analyze rare radioactive isotopes like bismuth, lutetium, strontium and yttrium.