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LUXLuxembourg, Luxembourg - Findel (Airport Code)
LUXLarge Underground Xenon Detector (dark matter detection)
LUXLeft Upper Extremity (anatomy)
LUXLinac/Laser-Based Ultrafast X-Ray Facility
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LUX license also includes cultivation, extraction, and delivery.
Caption: The retailer wants Wlnky Lux customers to mix and mingle.
The S60/V60 Business Edition Lux models also come with a rear parking camera.
75% senior notes due 2018 of Intelsat Luxembourg (the "2018 Lux Notes") and up to USD624m principal amount of outstanding 7.
The innovations of the LUX experiment form the foundation for the LZ experiment," Harry Nelson from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and spokesperson for LZ, said in the statement.
What's exciting about Lux is they do a lot of investment in the fragrance.
Loma Lux Acne Pill naturally helps relieve all types of acne
C Madhusudhan Rao, vice president of marketing, Unilever North Africa and Middle East, said: "We are extremely excited about the House of Lux event which is dedicated to women across the region.
The fragrance of the new LUX is what makes it so special.
He's placed Lux in a veterinary clinic where the cat receives medication while undergoing treatment to try to identify what turns this feline Dr.